Addressing the impact of small arms in Mexico

Mexico’s population suffers more deaths from small arms than some African countries with recognized internal wars. The human cost of the easy availability and low price of small arms, many of which arrive through the country’s porous border with its rich neighbour the United States, is one of the main focuses of Oxfam’s work in Mexico.

The impact of small arms on the lives of the country’s youth and women is of special interest to the organisation, which is working with local collectives to raise awareness domestically about the issue and push it onto the public agenda.

Susan Cruickshank, the advocacy officer for Oxfam Mexico, was kind enough to speak to NewCorrespondent on camera about its campaign to control the availability of small arms, and its work as part of Oxfam’s global Make Trade Fair campaign. It’s a little rough around the edges – no editing – but such is our approach.

Click here to read a recent report by Oxfam on the Global Arms Trade.


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