Video: Exhibition Remembers the Dead

picture for bliptv tlatelolcoEven today there is no definitive count of how many pro-democracy demonstrators were slaughtered by Mexican army troops in the Tlatelolco zone of this capital on Oct. 2, 1968. Was the death toll a few dozen, as the government claimed? Or closer to 300, as some intrepid journalists reported? Did President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz approve the attack? No one knows for sure.

But finally, after decades of government stonewalling, Mexicans searching for answers to these questions have some place to turn: the new Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, a cultural center dedicated to exploring the massacre, its violent antecedents and its brutal aftermath.

To accompany a Los Angeles Times story about the exhibition in Tlatelolco, produced this video – please click here.


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  1. Great piece, Mexico Reporter!

    This is especially timely as civil liberties in Mexico seem to be taking a beating as the military is being deployed domestically and the U.S. Congress is considering – to much uproar – the expansion of the ‘drug war’ called Plan Mexico. This would provide the corrupt and brutal Mexican ‘security’ forces $1.4 billion in surveillance capabilities, helicopters, planes and other lethal ‘aid’.

    Will this be used against activists standing against the continuation of NAFTA? Or against journalists? Who killed Brad Will:
    Here’s the answer:

    And why have they not been held accountable?

    Thx for all your great work.

    Here’s action your readers can take:

    join us:

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