California reclaimed by Mexico? That’s the Absolut truth

Your humble correspondent was tickled to see this poster advertising campaign running across Mexico City this week.


Absolut’s global advertising agency TBWA, and in this case their Mexican branch TERAN\TBWA, came up with an excellent, geographically specific angle.

The agency makes a play on Mexico’s ambiguous, love/hate relationship with its northern neighbour the United States. A map of the top half of the Americas is displayed, only in this version California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and other northern states remain part of Mexican territory, as it was before Mexico lost out to the US in the Mexican-American war.

Given Mexico’s national sense of pride and the often cited fact that California, as we know it now, once belonged to the Mexicans, the campaign will be warmly and no doubt humorously received south of La Frontera.

MexicoReporter assumes that Absolut is unlikely to run this campaign north of the border, but what if it does?……

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  1. With the backlash they’ve already created for themselves, it would be immensely stupid to run this in the US. A little bit of thought might have kept them from running an ad that will only anger a large demographic.

  2. I find this ad deeply offensive, and needlessly divisive. I will now make a point of drinking other brands. And “vodka and tonic” is my drink.

  3. As an ex-pat living in Mexico, your ad makes me cringe. Vodka is my drink. I don’t buy Grey Goose because the French are not our allies. Where would the country be today after Germany took over their country? Too bad champagne is only made there. Thank goodness California sparkling wines are quite nice.
    Can you say “Ketel One”?

  4. I would just like to thank the good people at Absolut for validating my natural tendency to abstain from their patently inferior product.

    You can be assured I’ll be consuming even less of it in the future!

    Cheers! Or should I say, “¡salud!”

  5. In an absolute world, Mexico would still be spain.
    In an absolute wolrd, The U.S. might still be England.
    What a stupid campaign. Bad move absolut.

  6. No more Absolut for me!!

  7. The last of the Absolute I HAD just went down the drain and the bottle will not be recycled as per usual.

  8. I see you put about as much thought into the ad as you did making your terrible drink. What a disgusting misrepresentation of the historical record. Living in CA I grow tired of hearing this “this was our land” argument. The land was not stolen. America purchased the land from Mexico having defeated them in the war. Along the same lines, why not create an ad for the Native Americans showing the entire continent as theirs? I wonder how Absolut would like an absolute boycott of their product from the American populous?

  9. Now why would Mejico want the southern states, of these United States, considered property of Mejico? To run the land into destruction like the rest of Mejico? No thanks, a few trips into Mejico with all its misery makes me glad I am not part of that destructive nation!!!

  10. Nice move, Absolut. I think I’ll start drinking tequila. No more vodka for me!

  11. Absolute is the worst tasting Vodka losing to Smirnoff regularly!

    Let’s let Germany have Sweden back!

  12. We have a little saying down here in Texas.. It comes from the Pace hot sauce commercial:

    “Get a Rope!”

  13. What a bunch of homos these Absolut numbnuts are. My guess is that Absolut probably has (had) a bigger market in the US than in Mexichomo. This gringo will no longer buy Absolut, ever again. It’s no longer funny when the US has been overriden by the illegal masses from sud of the border. Maybe Absolut would like to run an ad campaign showing these illegal clowns flying through the air towards the southern border with Uncle Sam’s boot planted firmly up their asses. Now that would be an ad campaign that might get me to buy Absolut again. Just a thought. HB

  14. Put me on the same boat as the other folks here who will now be swearing off (and at) Absolut. I’ll just start drinking another brand.

    Your marketing department must be run by idiots.

  15. Hmm…It’s Friday and I was just running to the Liquor store, can anyone say Grey Goose?

  16. I will never drink that crappy absoltue vodak again. Watch Grey Goose sales go up after this. How stupid can a company be to use tactics like this to sell vodka to mexicans? Watch how Absolute sales plummit this quarter.

  17. It’s a good thing we did annex that land or it would be the same cesspool that Mexico is now.

  18. What an ignorant ad. Did the ad executives even consider what would happen if this got out into “el Norte”? Many Americans are already paranoid about the flood of illegals taking services and driving down wages for lower income people. Add this “reconquista” nonsense to the mix and you have yourself a marketing disaster on your hands, guys. Good luck. Oh, and I’m not ever taking a sip of your product. Ever.

  19. I’ve been drinking Absolute for years. No more! Those Swedes just touched the third rail.

  20. As an Absolut drinker for many years, I am now finishing up my last bottle of Absolut. I paid good money so I will drink it all. Then, I will never buy another bottle…even at the sale prices they’ve running lately. They lost me forever.

  21. Who ever is your promo people, fire them. First off there is no way in Hades, that vodka will replace tequilla. Yeah you might win over a few people with an ad campaign like that but in the United States of America you just signed your own death warrant as consumers will in mass switch to other brands. In my circle of friends who drink absolut they to a man/woman were offended. We’re tired of hearing that BS. Absolut should only be sole in an absolutely 3rd world.

  22. This evening I will be pouring a bottle of Absolute down the drain. It will be replaced by a bottle of Grey Goose.

    Viva El Norte.

  23. I will NEVER drink Absolut again. I will encourage everyone I know not to do so, and to flush whatever supplies they have on hand down the toilet where it belongs.

    It’s one of the misfortunes of history that President Polk didn’t annex ALL of Mexico. Then we wouldn’t have this problem!

  24. I think these “Gringos” don’t know their history, Mexico was stolen by these “gabachos”, and there was never a monetary compensation to Mexico.

  25. Interestingly enough, this will be a fact in not to many years. Mexicans will be the majority in California in the next 30 years. Also, it is true. We did take the land from Mexico. To be offended by an ad that mentions an historical fact is a bit odd. Also, if you were to study history, China’s current situation with Tibet isn’t much different that our taking of California. For us to demand that Tibet gets its freedom while we don’t see a need to return land that we took from other countries is, well, hypocritical and ignorant. Sorry, but facts are facts. Study your history. And along the lines of China, America would be well advised to not piss them off to much, they have in their control the power to crash the dollar if they so please.

  26. This is so offensive to Americans! How dare you Absolut! Never again will I purchase Absolut and I am e-mailing the 800 people on my e-mail list to do the same. Shame on you!

  27. The US took the land from Mexico whose Spanish ancestors took the land from the native inhabitants.

  28. Dang, when did alcohol become so politically divisive. If all these people who are hating only drank, ate, wore etc. what they “believe” to be American, then it would probably all be from China! I think the Ad is funny and interesting, get over yourselves and have a margarita! Imagine if every Mexican got offended by all the “Mexican” jokes that American advertisers use. I didn’t like the Taco Bell chihuahua but it was funny, for a minute.

  29. With all the influx of illegal aliens, I’m not sure that this map isn’t already up to date.

  30. I have a bottle of Absolut pear in my cabinet right now. I won’t pour it down the drain (heck, I’ve already paid for it), but I guarantee I will never buy Absolut again, unless there is a full and publicized apology. As a proud citizen of the Republic of Texas, you can shove your vodka. You shame your Viking heritage.

  31. This add might appeal to some people but alienates people like me.

  32. Look at history. We conquered all of Mexico. If we wanted the whole thing we could have taken it. We just wanted the parts that were not being used.
    I am not going to by this piss, Absolut Crap!

  33. It’s bad enough we have 20% of the mexican population living in the U.S. illegally, we now have to see this crap as well? I’ve never been impressed with Absolute vodka anyway, but this just confirms future purchases of ketel one. Cheers Americans!

  34. absolut can smooch me arse! tell anyone who wants to try and make this reality to provoke the Republic of Texas as much as they like,……. they will not like the response they receive..

    Remember the Alamo!!


    Great, just go ahead and stir up MORE BAD FEELINGS. Do you think Americians are just going to laugh about this, they are just waiting for an excuse.

  36. ABSOLUT ! I will never buy ABSOLUT again! And I owen two bars, I will never have ABSOLUT in my Bars again.

  37. Looks Like the people at Absolut have been hitting their own product too heavily. They don’t realize that the winner in a war takes the spoils. So ship the Absolut to the Mexicans that they might forget who won the Mexican War. Three cheers for ENGLISH.

  38. Haha, I actually find it a very funny ad!

    It’s just a joke! Some of you people should get over yourselves. Americans can be so painfully intolerant of other people because we seem to have a massive(ly unwarranted) superiority complex.

    The fact is, America DID steal that land from Mexico – and in an “absolut” world – we would not have done. It’s not so much about reconquering, but a joking sigh at what could have been.

    As an American, I find it highly amusing – it’s only an ad for alcohol and it’s a funny appeal to Mexico’s citizens. Mexicans deserve amusing advertising JUST as much as we do.

    As a Texan, I think I have more right to be upset than most of you–and I’m not offended at all! So seriously, folks…r e la x.

    If all else fails, just realize that as far as social injustices go, this pretty much ranks at the bottom of the list. It’s an alcohol advertisement, for heaven’s sake! Why on earth would you let it spoil your day or drinking habits?

    Cool it, people.

  39. I bet all of you posting are a bunch of racist idiots….

  40. What a rediculous ad! The fact that you’re saying giving part of the United States to Mexico is perfect or Absolut is a disgrace. Maybe Absolut should do an ad for the US market that says “in an Absolut World we’d have NO ILLEGAL ALIENS HERE!” I now another reason to enjoy a good US made bourbon like Maker’s Mark over your crappy swill vodka!!!!!

  41. A claim could be made that “Mexico” never really owned that area. Also, Mexico stole what they have from Spain. Even conceding this area was once part of Mexico, so what? for 20 years? Big deal. They lost this due to the incompetence of dictators and crooks. They settled with a payment, so they have to legit gripe. They should consider selling more territory to the U.S. The Mexicans should work hard to get just one sewer system working. Or, fix their oil company. Why is Pemex going broke, when oil is at an all time high, and they sit on one of the world’s largest oil reserves? Incredible.

  42. This Absolut ad is just absolutly ludicrous! What moron believes that we are going to stand for this re-write of history and propoganda by the Mexican communists “La Raza” and comrades? Sorry, Absolut but as they say, your history!

  43. when americans complain about illegal immigration and the reconquista attitude of these people and political leaders here in the USA (Fabian Nunez!) we get called racist xenophobes…..

    ….turns out we’re right. reconquista IS on their minds. We have every right to oppose it.

    btw….Mexico only officially included this region for about 9 years before the 1948 war. The boundaries of this continent was still being determined. Thats a far cry from the 160 years since the border has been established. Further, the progress in this region is soley do to it’s being part of America….How else can you explain the difference on either side of hte border.

  44. Frankly this is one of the least intelligent ad campaigns in recent memory. I’m done with Absolut. What a disgrace. I think bar owners should start holding “pour out the absolut” parties. Promote GREY GOOSE!

  45. From now on I’m drinkig FREEDOM VODKA!!!


    I wonder if ABSOLUT will sponsor the May 1st illegal immigration rallies.

  46. The ad is insulting and shows how to sell an item using ideological geography. The question I have is how come you don’t show Canada as being returned to the French, or Panama to Columbia, or why not ALL of North and South America (are these names racist?) to their original inhabitants–dare I say “Indians”!
    Our only recouse is to stop using Absolut vodka. In a market filled with so many fine vodkas this ad was just dumb! Bye, bye it was a nice 27 year association.

  47. Perhaps an ad campaign depicting Sweden belonging to Germany is next?

  48. In an Absolut world, everyone would be drinking Grey Goose.

  49. Typical Sweds: low blows while no one is looking. Got ya!! No more absolut for me or our bar!

  50. Damned!!! Now I have to give up one of my favorite vodkas. I will never, NEVER, drink that swill again!!!!!

  51. I actually like this add. I will try to get one to frame it and make a nice decorative picture out of it. It is very ingenious for Absolut to make this. Congrats. Surely it will be a huge success in Mexico.

    I’d say to just make an ‘Proud to be an American’ and ‘God bless America campaign in the U.S. and it will be just as succesful. Like, ‘This is what the land of the free and the home of the brave drink…’ They’ll sell billions of bottles.

  52. To Chopin Luva, remember the Alamo?? Get over it, they lost the battle!! Check your history again.

  53. Great time to switch to Tito’s Vodka which is handmade in the U.S. and tastes better anyway.

  54. Not stolen know your history:

    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed on February 2, 1848 by American diplomat Nicholas Trist, ended the war and gave the U.S. undisputed control of Texas, established the U.S.-Mexican border of the Rio Grande River, and ceded to the United States the present-day states of California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. In return, Mexico received US $15,000,000, — less than half the amount the U.S. had attempted to offer Mexico for the land before the opening of hostilities[8] — and the U.S. agreed to assume $3.25 million in debts that the Mexican government owed to U.S. citizens. The acquisition was a source of controversy at time, especially among U.S. politicians that had opposed the war from the start. A leading U.S. newspaper, the Whig Intelligencer sardonically concluded that:[9][10]
    “ We take nothing by conquest…. Thank God. ”

    The sale of land is known in the United States as the Mexican Cession.

  55. We fought they lost…they made a deal…end of story…if Mexico was smart they would have taken the original deal…..

  56. No more absolut for me.

  57. Paul Green said…

    As T. R. Fehrenbach noted in “Fire and Blood,” his excellent (and un-PC) history of Mexico, the area Mexicans claim the U.S. “stole” from them was never really in its possession because “the predatory Apaches of Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora and the terrible, hard-riding Comanches of the Texas plains, presented the northern frontier with a problem the Spanish never solved. … the horse Indians were neither conquered nor pacified. They defeated Spanish arms severely in Texas in the 1750s; they destroyed Spanish settlements everywhere on the frontier. They did worse: Comanches and Apaches raided hundreds of leagues beyond their territory into New Spain. The terror continued until the second half of the nineteenth century,” and before it abated, Mexico besought its northern conqueror to protect it from Indian depredation, to which the U.S. assented in Article XI of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:

    “Considering that a great part of the territories, which, by the present treaty, are to be comprehended for the future within the limits of the United States, is now occupied by savage tribes, who will hereafter be under the exclusive control of the Government of the United States, and whose incursions within the territory of Mexico would be prejudicial in the extreme, it is solemnly agreed that all such incursions shall be forcibly restrained by the Government of the United States whensoever this may be necessary; and that when they cannot be prevented, they shall be punished by the said Government, and satisfaction for the same shall be exacted all in the same way, and with equal diligence and energy, as if the same incursions were meditated or committed within its own territory, against its own citizens.”

    “Aztlan,” my ass.

  58. No more Absolut in my house either…and I’m a Canadian. I wonder when Europeans will quit sticking their ignorant noses into North American politics. How ’bout Gen. (in name only) Charles de Gaulle blathering ignorantly about a ‘free Quebec’ decades ago?

    Whether or not territory was bought or fought for, it does not go back because someone decides they didn’t like the outcome so much, centuries later.

    As for whether or not Northern Americans “know much about the history”, I’d say they know it better than the quoted Mexicans, and evidently much better than the Swedes.

  59. I agree with Henry Lee. And as a Mexican, I find this ad stupid. The myth of the reconquest is something that is only in the minds of those who fear it and use it to justify their xenophobia, it is simply not a topic anyone discusses in Mexico. I don’t know what kind of feelings the Absolut advertirsers hoped to appeal to, but that campaign has been going on for a year and is remarkable that no one had paid attention to it.

    It is unnecesary and divisive.

    But I’m surprised about your website, guys! I never thought that Mexico Reporter would be so full of xenophobes, homophobes and intelligencephobes. Where did you get them from?

    I think California and Texas are perfectly ok where they are, belonging to the country they belong to. At the end of the day, its been 160 years since that war and those who really count are the people who live there, and they aren’t asking for any changes.

    But one thing is true: call it a purchase, say that there was a better offer before, put any smoke courtains around it, the fact is that that land was stolen by force, in a war. That’s the fact of history. We’ll leave it there, in history, but don’t come with nonsense trying to justify some old thieves and burglars.

  60. Oops – Your BAD. I’ll never drink your stinkin vodka again. I’m a Grey Goose girl now.

  61. I wish I still drank absolut so I could quit over this ad. Maybe I can find another product they make to stop buying.

  62. In an ideal world, Absolut wouldn’t whore for its substandard product, and wouldn’t alienate one customer for the sake of another.

    I hope this backfires as dramatically as it deserves.

  63. This is bullshit!!!! I am a vodka tonic drinker and will never touch another drink with Absolute in it and will make sure none of my friends do as well!!

  64. I have an Absolute bottle full of pennies on my dresser. I will break the bottle and find a new one to put my pennies in. No more Absolute for me!!!

  65. as a federal law enforcement officer who actually works on the border and arrests illegal immigrants, siezes illegal contraband and is witness to the pathetic grinding poverty on tne Mexico side, I question what Absolut was up to. Why try to sell more vodka in a country where tequila is the national drink? Why alienate the potential customers of the worlds third most populous nation? I see this as just part of the “hate America” chic of the Left–a group that contains so many of the American-hating homosexual community that claim to be “artist.” Why not come up with a new ad campain for America and call it “Absolut-ly no sales.”

  66. Well, unfortunately I have always been a fan of Absolut. I’ve tried the others and I have always come back to Absolut, it was and is my favorite vodka. It no longer matters. The choices are myriad and I will eventually find another. However, if I never find one I like as much it will just be a reminder of how much they have offended me. I am a concerted Absolut drinker who will never drink Absolut again. To apologize will only be a “campaign.” They have already crossed a line that they cannot “uncross.” Also, to those who keep arguing about “history,” please note that survival of the fittest is the only absolute fact in all of history. This is why countries like Mexico and all the others that are run recklessly and without regard for their citizens will be second class. Stop demanding land back that you cannot manage. This same axiom applies to Absolut, being “fit” also implies intelligence and your campaign was so improperly thought out that you may have cut your throat here in the USA. Although you may make a few extra pesos in Mexico. I doubt the trade off will be worth it. There is one smart thing about your ad, it will be seen by many more people than you had intended. I for one will be printing out a color copy and taking it with me to show everybody at my bar who asks for anything with “Absolut” in it.

  67. As a “LEGAL” immigrant and resident of California, I find this ad in bad taste.
    Absolut was my choice when I needed to have vodka in the house.
    No More!! Pull the ad!!

  68. That’s one less consumer of your beverage here Bunky. Too bad, you lose. Hasta La Vista Baby!

  69. Hell…They don’t have to wage a war to get these areas back…Most of the Mexicans who live in these areas are Mexicans first and United States Citizens further down the list (You can recognize their homes because the Mexican flag is flying a little bit higher at their home than the United States of America flag. Their reclaiming of the soil, though never ever really theirs, thanks to my ancestors on my Granny Stewart’s side (good ol native Americans). However, they’re getting it back now…one birth at a time. Its a foregone conclusion…just matter of time.

  70. Maybe this is why Mexico is such a corrupt pest hole from top to bottom…it has its mind stuck in the middle of the 19th century. The land wasn’t “stolen.” The Mexican government sold the land off and the US agreed to waive millions in foreign debt the corrupt government in Mexico City had managed to rack-up. Seems like things haven’t changed in that regard…we’re still paying for the failures of a Mexican government that expects the US to serve as its own personal ATM. Enough of the guilt crap…! Mexico is, sadly, what it is today because it can’t separate the concepts of “macho” and “self-reliant.” Way too much bravado and not nearly enough introspection.

  71. Uh, California was NOT stolen from Mexico. California did NOT revolt against Spain, in the first place. Mexico sent troops to California and stole it from the Californians who built it. The Californians were in constant revolt against the corrupt Mexican overlords. Eventually, we liberated ourselves with the help of the Americans.

    And, if you wish to talk about racists, thieves and burglars, in California the majority of them come from Mexico. As far as the ad is concerned, the Swedes didn’t think it up. For that bit of stupidity, they needed to hire a Mexican ad agency.

    Little Half Arrow (the business end of the stick).

  72. Maybe we should annex Sweden

  73. How dumb can you get? I’m Mexican (living in L.A.) and I think it is pretty silly. I am partial to Smirnoff anyway, but this is one more reason to avoid Absolut (which I admit I like).

  74. As a native Texan and American, I find this ad dispicable. Brave Texans died for our freedom at Gonzales, Cocepcion, Goliad, the Alamo, before finally winning our independence from Mexico at the battle of San Jacinto in 1836. We repulsed two new invasions by Mexican armies in 1842.

    We defeated the Comanches decisively in 1840 at Plum Creek to secure that threat to our country.

    We voluntarily agreed to be annexed by the US in a mutually beneficial treaty. We reserved the right to annul that contract and we have the right, if we choose, to divide out state into two states under that treat. We could have 4 US senators, but no Texan would stand for the state to be separated.

    I have been drinking Absolut exclusively for thirty years. I will no longer.

    Direct comments to these senior executives at V&S Vin & Sprit AB, the Swedish company that owns Absout:

    Jacob Broberg
    Senior Vice President V&S Corporate Affairs & Communications
    Phone: +46 8 744 70 33
    Mobile: +46 70 190 00 33
    Fax: +46 8 744 70 44

    For press inquiries regarding V&S Absolut Spirits, please contact:

    Paula Eriksson
    Vice President Corporate Communications
    V&S Absolut Spirits
    117 97 Stockholm, Sweden
    Phone: +46 8 744 72 36
    Mobile: +46 70 190 12 07
    Fax: +46 8 744 70 44

    Press inquiries regarding brand communication from the US, please contact:

    Jeffrey Moran
    Director of Public Relations and Events
    The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.
    1370 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone, direct: +1 212 641 87 20

    Press inquiries regarding V&S Absolut Spirits brand communication outside the US, please contact:

    Kristina Hagbard
    PR Manager International
    V&S Absolut Spirits
    117 97 Stockholm
    Phone, direct: +46 8 744 71 88

  75. Hah, hah, hah, hah…I’d like to see the dudes’s face who came up with this ad. He’ll be hawking curiosities on the beaches of Cancun or Puerta Vallarta in two weeks after Absolute execs fire this agency.

    Personally, I like Absolut I’m glad it’s now freely and widely available in Mex.

  76. Hmm… mexicans are pissed because they were too weak and too stupid to defend the land they wanted….well TOUGH LUCK. Get over it, and if all of you mexicans out there think you will take over the USA and destroy it from within…thats great. It will make it even easier for China to conquer and enslave you or maybe simply wipe you off the face of the earth….who will be there to protect you all when the USA is gone?….no one. China will take a steam roller over this entire planet and you morons who hate the USA will have given them the keys………..idiots.

  77. Maybe Mexico should anex Sweden. As was already said, another good reason to drink Smirnoff.

  78. To quote what some fellow Texans said to Santa Ana’s troops about 165 years ago.. “Come and take it.”

  79. Americans made California and the rest of the territory taken from Mexico the prosperous place it is today. It is ironic, and sad, that this territory would not be as prosperous if it were still part of Mexico. And the Mexican government is responsible for that, not the hardworking Mexican people.

  80. All you PC people really have to get over yourselfs, its just an AD nothing more.. I thought the AD was funny, but a few of you are more..

  81. We stole the land. And we stole the rest from the Native Americans. If I had a say then, I would have voted against it. But seeing what Mejico has turned into, at least SOME of the beautiful country was saved from the cesspool of corruption that is the Mejican way of life.

    In a capitalist society, I get to vote with my dollars, while fighting with my guns to defend Absolut’s right to be publicly stupid. Given the havoc in the US from illegal immigration, we have a right to be offended, history be damned.

    So I will NEVER drink another Absolut, (vodka being the only liquor I drink) nor will anyone I know. That is my vote. See, up here in El Norte, we have the dinero and the votes, BOTH.

  82. Stoli’s is better anyway.

  83. Absolut will absolutely be banned from this household from now on!

    A BOYCOTT is the answer to such Absolut actions as these.

  84. Yo soy una gabacha (please forgive my poor attempt at Spanish)–I love the ad, I think it’s witty and appropriate.

    Even those who want to find it offensive should remember that rewriting history is a favorite human pasttime, something other cultural/national groups do all the time. So if that’s what they want to claim this is, there still is no legitimate reason to bellyache.

    Viva California! Viva Mexico! Viva vodka martinis!

  85. I live in California and know the history. In fact, we are beginning to advocate taking Mexico over one afternoon during siesta and making it the 51st state.
    Every Mexcan I know hates Vodka, and prefers Tequila.
    Kettle One’s distribution is in Aliso Viejo, and Jack Daniels is in Kentucky. My wine is in Napa, and that’s all I need.

  86. Not all terrorist countries are in the Old Continent but everywhere.

    “This is what I call American Terrorism”

  87. Mexicans can’t even run their own country, they come here to the US for jobs… they couldn’t afford that much territory back in the 1800’s any how and lost the war…

  88. Boycott here as well! Why would anyone want Mexicans to take over anything? Look what they did to Tijuana, it used to be a great place to party. You’d end of getting killed there now.

  89. Adios, Absolut. When are Americans going to get fed up with being shit on?

    If it wasn’t for Americans, all of Europe and Scandinavia would be goose-stepping to a Nazi drummer.

    Absolut, kiss my American ass.

  90. Ok. So, Absolut stirred up a firestorm — brilliant marketing since they ARE literally reaching across the border to get Mexicans to drink their filthy water ( but, wait a moment, what is the hurry, how filthy is the water in mexico anyway, or is it that they have tequila and corona chasers after the water in mexico and that, in a momento, stirs up Mexican Nationalism or is what they call, in their Spanish (without the glish), Absolut for La Raza. Thats almost like having the Mexico City Cardinal blessing Absolut in the name of the Virgin of Guadalupe — and then THAT WILL really set the Mexicans on fire! ( fuego, I mean)

    As a turn on this cheap shot by Absolut, I will make a boomarang comment to the marketer of this idea — why not emblazaon the Virgin de Guadalupe on the bottle and have the POPE bless the Absolut THEN they will make mexican histroy by trumping Tequila as the national drink of Mexico. Let them praise Tequila in the name of Gudalupe — Mexico will sing and praise the event and finally they will have their Nationalism pride within their own borders. The mairichis will have news songs to write on this mesmerizing subject

    I can see all the transborder gangmembers with new tattoos of Absolut Guadlupe on their backs and arms, as they are swiftly taken into custody by ICE and the LAPD.

    Nice comment, dont you think. Take that one Absolut! Brilliant on you part, just sheer brilliance stupidity by absolut.

  91. People are so sensitive, this is an advertisement that is not running in the United States. Who cares what other people think of the US? I Don’t cause I know my country is the best country in the world and I would never leave it. People are always worried about what Europe thinks of or any other country thinks about us.
    WHY? Because we want to be liked and respected. When we are liked and respected you know the US is doing something wrong because those other countries are just jelous of us because they do not have what we have.

    So just chill out and do not let this advertisement bother you because it is not for us.

  92. It’s hard to believe any company as large as Absolut’s parent must be could have such morons in charge!!

    Obviously, it’s Grey Goose only for me. And, I’m going to do everything in my power to make this story national.

    I say we we take the rest of their land for American vacations. Save a few of their people to get our drinks. They’re destroying our country and way of life – let’s see how they like it.

  93. The reality of this ad is that many Mexicans believe it to be true. They absolutely do not accept that their Presidente SOLD that part of the U.S. Southwest/California to the U.S. government,in 1848.

    The radical pro-Hispanic group, RAZA, is hard at work, right now, in Southern California, in an effort to take this part of the state back SOON. This is NO joke with them.

    What the Absulut ad demonstrates is a reality in the minds of millions of Mexicans. They mean business.

  94. WHY ARE (MY FELLOW) U.S. CITIZENS SO AFRAID OF THEIR OWN HISTORY? THIS IS MIND NUMBINGLY HYSTERICAL!!! GUESS WHAT FOLKS: WE WERE 48 STATES UNTIL AFTER WWII. “AY DIOS, MIO–NO! TRAIDOR!!” Please. & to suggest this is insulting to “AMERICANS”!? Where the F*ck do they think Los Estados Unidos de Mexico is, for Christ’s sake.

    Some day, my countrymen will pull their heads out of their asses and look around them. Meantime, let’s solve the immigration “problem” by ordering rich white folks to pick the apples and mow the lawns while the rest of us learn Spanish & tear down that wall so that when the US Dollar collapses to about 90% of it’s value–making it equal to the Peso–our kind and gentle friends south of the border might be persuaded to provide us with jobs.

    ….until then, drink up! Cheers, Absolute! You made my day.

  95. Did anybody stop to think that the purpose of the ad might be to wake up americans? Just a thought.

  96. Bad Swedish booze . . . . $12.00 a liter
    Bad ad campaign …………$1,328,487.00

    Absolut in Chapter 13 . . . . PRICELESS!

  97. A brilliant ad that does exactly what good advertising is supposed to: appeal to the hearts and minds of the target audience–in this case, Mexican nationals–many of whom maintain over a century’s worth of sentiment that Americans took their land. Do I want Mexico to take over? Of course not. Is that the point or message of this ad? “Absolut”-ly not. It’s advertising, people…. do yourself and those around you a favor and develop a sense of humor.

    This white, American-born, upper-middle-class, Texan-now-Californian Absolut drinker not only has no intention of “switching brands,” I’m more resolved than ever that Absolut has long been the winner of most creative and clever liquor advertisment.

    Way to go, Absolut.

  98. Offensive? Hardly. Clever? Fairly. I’d rather like to have a copy to hang on the wall.

    Having lived in Texas for 40 years, I can tell you we have way more in common with Mexicans than we do with New Yorkers (aside from speaking the same language, sort of).

    I have seen the enemy, and sadly, it is us.

  99. **”Remember the Alamo” Texan’s battle cry as they fought the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto. Texans, celebrate our victory over Mexico by flying your Texas flag on San Jacinto day: April 21st

  100. We should actually conquer mexico. They can’t support all their little people. It is a joke to watch these people try to run a country – pathetic actually! We should conquer them, make them learn English, enforce birth control, and impose a no-taco law with the biggest Loser in every city! Mexico is a joke:
    Spanish people should have kept it
    Poverty is rampant
    Inclement weather is universal
    Chicanos are obese in any society
    Spainards were smart to get out

    YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I like this!!! It is a perfect thing to show our military after they finally all get back from Iraq. Sign me up!!! Q. In undivisive Chicago….

  102. Contrary to what that limp-wristed dimwit Andy said about how the southwestern USA “belongs” to Mexico, a majority of Mexicans living here (including almost all those who were born here) would not want to have the Third-World corruption and poverty that engulfs Mexico to slither its way into the USA!!

    Andy…I’ll bet you also favor reparations for black folks because their ancestors were slaves 150 years ago!! That is because people like you are guilt-ridden, bleeding-heart losers who feel personally responsible for what great, great, great grandma & grandpa may have done 150 years ago!!

  103. Judging from the immigration trends of MILLIONS of Mexicans coming into the United States, I think the “Absolut” version of the world that most Mexicans and Central Americans would have preferred would have been for the USA to have said back in 1848, “Hey, treaty my ass!” They would have preferred that we Americans had just kept on goin’ down to Panama!

    Well, its been almost 10 years since I’ve had a Sam Adams beer (formerly my favorite) after their “Opie & Anthony” incident at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. And now I will have to put aside my beloved Absolut forever as well.

    If these marketing “geniuses” for the alcohol companies don’t stop pretty soon, I’ll soon be a tea-totaler.

  104. Texas and the United States beating Mexico since 1836!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. I’m half Mexican and disgusted by the thought of an Absolut World. I will never buy Absolut again. Pandering through advertising to xenophobia is akin to force feeding vodka to someone with delirium tremens. Oh, wait a minute, with your inferior brand that happens all the time.

  106. Just think of the millions more that would be living in poverty, under a corrupt government if Mexico still had that territory.

  107. OK. They claim it. Now all they have to do is occupy it and HOLD ON TO IT.

    Any volunteers?

  108. Used to sail my SJ24 boat in Sea of Cortez out of San Carlos until last year. My van was broken into, just about all I owned was stolen including my week old very well used underwares. Was told most likely the policia was involved in the theft.
    Question is do we want these types north of the Mexican border? I don’t think so!!!!! The Gadsden Purchase should have included all of the Sea of Cortez and its shore lines.
    Hey Pedro! You snooze, (ahem, siesta!!), you loose…
    Get over it. By the way I am referring to the damn lazy upper class burocratic government bastards, and not the average hard working people of Mexico.

  109. This Absolutly says to the United States of America…’We don’t need your business’! So,Hail to the other 30 brands out there!

  110. I will no longer drink Absolut and will recommend my local establishments no longer carry it. Maybe the grown-ups at Absolut should have kept a closer eye on their smug ad men. I am curious why this humble correspondent was tickled by the ad. Does this humble corespondent think the actual residents of those territories would have a higher standard of living if they were part of Mexico? My general feeling is people like our humble correspondent care more about ideas than actual people.

  111. I don’t get the “this was our land” mentality especially when it comes with the attitude of “this is STILL our land”. The Mexican-American War redrew boundaries. That is what wars do. Hello!? It WASN’T stolen. It was won in war.. Get over it. Geez!

    I have a GREAT idea. Maybe they can run a similar ad in the states with Mexico shown as the 51st state.

    Lets see how that is received and if they have the courage to do it. I somehow doubt it 😉

    While not historical … it COULD be if the idea catches on. 😉

  112. I find many of the comments here more offensive, as an American, than I find the add.


  114. Buh bye absolute.

  115. I don’t think an apology will suffice. I think they should have to pay for the deportation of about 1 million illegals Mexican’ts in OUR country.

  116. Hey Absolut, stick a bottle up your ass, and know that I’m done with your product — for life.

    If Mexico owned the USA’s great southwest do you think the wealth that was created by the USA would be there? Get real. The USA great southwest would look like Tiajuana , Agua Prietta or Hermosillo. So cut with the cultivation of Mexican bullshit dreams and get with reality.

    We’re here and we aren’t going anywhere.

    Finally, I saw that Absolut’s add firm was based in Argentiana. Also that the woman now President of Argentina, yet again, claimed the Falklands Islands to be the sole property of Argentina.

    Some of us remember the last time that happened Absolute. Margaret Thatcher sent the war ships south and the Argentine Navy got its ass kicked — AGAIN. Hey, Argentina, you know what the Mexicans say about your? They say: “You are Italians that speak Spanish but dress like the British and act like the French.” And this is no Mexican dream, it’s a reality.

  117. New Yorker and other ignorants: It is funny. Stop being a douche. Learn to laugh. You’re the type to be offended by seeing a dog crap on the sidewalk.

  118. Oh no! A advertising campaign for an alcoholic drink that was advertised in mexico totally offended me!
    Why, you lost my patronage Absolute! YOU HEAR ME!? MY LIFE IS RUINED!

    You guys, need to calm the hell down, back away from the computer, wipe the cheeto crumbs off your mouth, and get over it.

    It’s a fuckin’ ad for pete’s sake, a terrible one at that.
    You guys act like secretly Mexico is just biding their time till they’ll take the west coast away from us. Please, no need to make racist or derogatory comments. You guys are more civil than that.

    However, I do agree with all of you that the ad needs to be changed. It should go something like “In an absolute world, Idiots wouldn’t frequent Digg and other social news sites and bitch and complain about an advertisement in a different country”

    You hear that Absolute’s Ad firm? make it happen!

  119. This map shows a world without US expansionism. How much better off the whole world would be if America was smaller and less powerful.

    The clock can not be turned back but this map puts the lie to American exceptionalism. They are an Imperialist empire just like the European tradition they broke form in 1776.

  120. V&S is the distributor of Absolut and other products, like Penfolds wine. Know their other products:
    The ad agency also does work for Nextel, Pedigree Dog Food, Adidas and FujiFilms.

  121. I’m planning a wedding for my daughter and have two cases of Absolut. Taking them back today and exchanging them for a different brand. My mother came her from Mexico in the 1940’s the right way. Waited two years for her papers before she moved here. She taught us all that even though our roots were in Mexico we were first and foremost U.S. American citizens. All this devisive ad has done is to provoke angry feelings. I encourage everyone to boycott and punish this company and show our power by not purchasing any vodka from them.

  122. It is amazing that there are so many braindead Americans who get so worked up about an advertisement which features an historical map. With 4000 dead in Iraq, a tanking currency, a faltering economy and all the other problems in the US, you people freak out about an ad? Stupid.

  123. How to kill a brand in one easy step.

    As it is, TBWA is going to have to fire a lot of people to start salvaging its own brand.

    I just poured my last bottle of Absolut down the drain.

  124. You Americans just don’t get it, do you?

  125. Wow! This ad is as disgusting and poorly developed as the vodka sponsoring it. Truly a slap in the face of globalization and societal advances. Hopefully they run it in the USA and it put’s them under, what a joke.

  126. Considering the fact that the aims of LA RAZA is illustrated by a map like this, it is foolish to ignore an ad that encourages Mexicans to contemplate suicide. The Confederacy tried to secede from the United States. Think for a moment what would happen if Mexico sought to annex United States territory. It would probably be Mexico that got annexed. Mexicans are good people (though their ruling class is as corrupt as can be). Let’s not stir a pot that would create a disadvantageous outcome for them.

  127. I’ve always preferred. Bacardi.

  128. I search the world for Absolute Pepar, a discontinued flavor. I have about 8 bottles left. As of now, they may NEVER be opened. ler Tampa, FL

  129. Wonder what the new owners (French) have to say about this ad? The buyout news was all over Italy and foreign news papers late last week. Could this mis-step have been the main cause of Absolut’s sell out?

  130. if you don’t like it, don’t look at it!

  131. Absolut…ly over in American.

  132. wow, hurts a little bit when land that is yours is taken away huh. now you americans know what its like to be serbian (kosovo,bosnia,croatia) i mean come on do you really think this imperialism can go on much longer with out somebody saying something.
    and no if i dont lie leave statement will not suffice for me, you ignorant american, iwas born here and i HAVE a Right to speak my mind!!

  133. Regardless of how it was obtained… America made this land great! If it was still in the hands of the Mexican government it wouldn’t be 1,000th of what it is today! Our government is far from perfect but it is the best there is! Now that the land is great they want to RECLAIM it. Mexican people who are barely educated follow this nonsense! Too many of the illegals here abuse the system. If they were to run it their way this land would be in worst shape! I am not prejudiced in fact my best friends and family are mexican, BUT they are educated and know the real deal! NOTHING IS OWED TO NO ONE! It is earned, bought or won.

    TECHNICALLY if Mexico wants to throw this argument that the land was stolen from them I would also claim that Mexico was stolen from Spain!

  134. I will never buy another drop of this vodka. what a stupid move on their part. an add is supposed to bring customers from the target market, and it is not supposed to affend the others. This add agency is dumb and i hope this hurts them as well as abolute!
    This is the absolute truth…..

  135. The law breaking mexicans can’t even run their own country. How dare they even think of displaying such crap.
    I have just now dumped 3 bottles of absolut down the toilet…where it belongs…in company with where my crap water will go…to mexico!

    Absolut…you will NEVER recover from this!

  136. I think it is a funny ad. The Spanish stole the land from the Indians. The Mexicans stole it from the Spanish, and we gringos stole it fair and square from the Mexicans.

    Now where can I steal some Vodka?

  137. Absolut was not all that great anyway so where’s the loss? Just another reason now not to buy the crap. If you can find it in your locale, buy some Titos vodka. Open vat distilled 9 times, this is the smoothest vodka you will ever drink.

  138. What moron came up with this add campaign? Anyone that is currently breathing knows that all this will do is anger people. It is incredibly insulting , horrificaly stupid. Anyone that has been to exico has to wonder why they want to turn this country into thiers. I have been to Mexico….its no wonder they Mexicans want to live here….but to annex it….are you freaking stupid? Your add campaign…..geezz…how much of your product is you drink to come up with this? Idiots……

  139. Way to go Absolute….. Another vodka drinker lost! As a serious vodka tonic drinker whose choice was Absolute, I’m done. Hello Grey Goose. Won’t be touching another drop of Absolute….ever.

  140. Screw them and the burro they are riding.

  141. Clearly Smirnoff is teh WIN!.

  142. This is is awful.

    Don’t drink their swill.

    It tastes as though they use dirty water from Mexico anyway

  143. I am Mexican American… I tell everyone that I was born in Mexico… “Where”, they ask? Los Angeles! Each and every one laughs and see the correlation between the primarily Latin LA and the Irony of the comment… I believe this strikes a nerve in some is because of the common guilt factor felt by a lot of border fanatic Americans. I can hear them now, “Go back to Mexico Then!” but that’s the point, I am in old Mexico… Los Angeles! For some reason people are blind to there own migration history and it’s just a phobia born in racism and hate… My family has been here since the beginning… When did your family get here? I don’t drink but am now going to start… Absolutely! Am I a proud American? Absolutely!!!

  144. Goodbye and good riddance, Absolut!

    One more family joining the boycott.

  145. Megoho… Absolut never recovering from this? Fortunately for them Americans can’t really hold on to a thought for too long. Remember, the French wine boycott back in 01/02 Freedom Fries era? Things are back to normal… thank God

  146. Mexicans are invading our country, increasing the poverty levels, increasing the crime rate, increasing the teenage pregnancy rates, and adding little to no value to our society. Our ancestors would be ashamed at the fact that we are letting the Mexicans break our laws. I’d rather pay ten cents more for an orange than watch them litter our country with cheesy neon signs, bad music, and the worse sense of fashion known to man. They are disgraceful seperatists.

  147. Goodbye Absolut. I will now boycott Swedish products as I do French ones. What idiocy this ad was.

  148. The Absolut ad sparks strong response because it is a symbol of legitimate public concern about the invasion of the U.S. by millions of foreign aliens. When millions of illegal aliens are openly invading the U.S. the issue of illegal immigration has grown into an issue of invasion of the U.S., a National security issue. The scale of problem (millions of aliens) means that the aliens are not only “illegal immigrants” but also invaders.

    Citizens are justifiably outraged that the federal government has refused to stop this invasion of millions of aliens. The primary duty of the President and the federal government is to protect the homeland from invasion. Someone needs to bring a lawsuit compelling the President and the federal government to perform its duty and defend our borders from invasion (not just “illegal immigration”).

    Because of the scale of the problem (millions of invaders) and the nature of the problem (invasion), the U.S. armed forces need to replace the border patrol (ICE) as the primary defender of the border.

    The invasion of the U.S. by millions of Mexicans is an act of war by the the government of Mexico. The U.S. needs to issue an ultimatum the government of Mexico to stop the invasion within 90 days, or face the consequences of its continuing act of war against the U.S.

  149. Yay!!!! Finally somebody is bold enough to speak truths!! The American theft of Mexican land is a start.

    How about talking about the greatest GENOCIDE in human history, the European GENOCIDE of the 2 Native American (aka North and South America) continents.

    That would make people see that the current occupiers are beneficieries of this GENOCIDE. Oh, but that wouldn’t make them feel good would it.

  150. We should immediately remove all Mexicans back to Mexico,and never let them back in. All honor to the Great Polk and the Heros of the Alamo. Up with America .Up with the White Race. Restore the Constitution and the Republic will live!The Race is everything, Nothing outside of The Race. Love Your Race!

  151. I don’t guess ASOLUT will be doing one
    showing the Islam Nazi’s taking over
    North America. They’re not very good
    drinkers. Have to do it on the sly

  152. I find it really SAD, that America, has completely LOST its sense of humor!!!

    This ad was for a Mexican demographics. SO WHAT, if it shows a map that is not real! 90% of ads these days show something that is NOT REAL.

    We have become a nation of isolated, grumpy, humorless, people.

    We should be focused om much more important things, like getting our men and women out of Iraq.

    So relax, sit back, enjoy life and leave Absolut alone.

  153. I am American Indian, “T’sa-la-gi” or “Cherokee” (Eastern Band), as the English and American colonist came to call us. You want truth and not revisionist history? How about this novel approach?…”We” were here and are here long before any Europeans. Yes DeSoto came through our part of this land. He did not conquer us. Just ask any Apache…they were not and are not Mexican! We liked the Conquistador mind set about as much as “Manifest Destiny”. I recently heard a United States postal employee tell me it was “there (Mexicans) land first”! I held myself back from skinning him. I told him We did not speak Spanish…we speak T’sa la gi”!, and” before he thinks he speaks truth, he should first know it!”
    We have a new saying on the “Rez”…America,” Love it or Give it Back!” Absolute is just another company making profits on peoples fantasies, or in this case a national one. The problem is it adds to what ever degree a sense of credence to their fantasy. Shame on you Absolute.

  154. Texan’s, including those of hispanic origin, handed Santa Anna his ass. Texas will never again be subject to Mexican authority. We celebrate that fact annually. Mexico needs to get over it or bring it on.

  155. My ancestors were Yaqui. This land was originally occupied by the Native Peoples and not the barbaric, spanish speaking mexicans–The spanish language is, in fact, the language of my ancestors slave masters.

    Through enslavemant, rape and murder the land of the Native Peoples was taken by the barbaric mexicans. mexicans will, with a straight face, try to convince you that they outlawed slavery long before America but the reality is that they were selling Yaqui’s into slavery as late as 1910.

    The land depicted in the Absolut add was mexico’s only because of its brutal conquest of the Native Peoples.

    Absolute and their ignorant, sel-righteous and egotistical swedish fools can go to hell!

  156. No more Absolut for me. But what really hurts is that I’m gonna boycott their newly purchased brand Pernod also. You can always drink another vodka but there is only one Pernod / Ricard.

  157. UH OH…guess we made a bad hire!!!!

  158. It doesn’t matter to me…………

    ……I’m dead!!!!

  159. Bingo!!! Up to now, US did the same thing, invented middle east maps, and nobody reacted. Why US citizens are so frustrated at this time? And that is truth. US captured this area which was formerly belong to Mexico.

  160. You can contact V&S Groups (the parent company of Absolut Vodka) at the following email and web address:

    I urge everyone to contact them and express disapproval of this ad.

  161. what is wrong with you guys? Americans are screwing up everybody else’s land saying that you have a democracy you can discuss anything. When someone do the same to you you scream and start boycott calls. Don’t you guys have democracy? go and drink a lot of absolute vodka.. even more than before…;)

  162. I guess Absolut the TEXANS kicking the Mexican’s butt at San Jacinto.
    Get the facts straight. Texas belongs to TEXAS and Mexico has no rights to it anymore.

  163. General Ulysses S. Grant’s views about the War
    President Ulysses S. Grant, who as a young army officer had served in Mexico under General Taylor, recalled in his Memoirs, published in 1885, that:
    “Generally, the officers of the army were indifferent whether the annexation was consummated or not; but not so all of them. For myself, I was bitterly opposed to the measure, and to this day regard the war, which resulted, as one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory.” [3]
    Grant also expressed the view that the war against Mexico had brought God’s punishment on the United States in the form of the American Civil War:
    “The Southern rebellion was largely the outgrowth of the Mexican war. Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions. We got our punishment in the most sanguinary and expensive war of modern times.” [4]
    In 1879, while in China during his post presidential world tour, Grant told John Russell Young: “I had very strong opinions on the subject. I do not think there was ever a more wicked war than that waged by the United States on Mexico. I had a horror of the Mexican War, and I have always believed that it was on our part most unjust. The wickedness was not in the way our soldiers conducted it, but in the conduct of our government in declaring was. We had no claim on Mexico. Texas had no claim beyond the Nueces River, and yet we pushed on to the Rio Grande and crossed it. I am always ashamed of my country when I think of that invasion”

  164. Wake up you absolut idiots, Mexico lost. this is our country I for one will make sure no map like that ever is shown again.

  165. Absolut idiots to think we will ever drink the vodka of sore losers. Yes sore losers, Mexico lost we won…

  166. I wonder if any of you Idiots ever read a book much less a history Book. A great ones is CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS!!!!!!!!!! by vine Deloria if you did you would know that it wasn’t till the white Man found gold in them Hills that the native tribes in Cali and Oregon were Destroyed. they crossed the border broke the treaty that said no white man could take native lands as long as we lived in peace. Broke the law of the land and the U.S.Gov did nothing to stop them matter of fact it sent there Army to protect the White illegal immigrants. .Like Justin timberlake Said “what goes around comes Back Around”. I am A Native American and Have felt the sting of the systemic INJUSTICE,so excuse Me while I cry you a River, Or maybe not you would just pollute it kill all the salmon and otters.then give the water rights to a hydro corp, who would over charge you till your family is on food stamps. But thats ok white America doesn’t care if they are slaves Just so long as they can look down on someone else. when will we wake and understand that we are all being played by the oligarchy. white race? black race? red race? yellow Race? brown Race? this is not ah race stupids its called humanity.And in the end we shall all gather at the River and receive the Great spirits thanks and love for taking such good care of his Greatest Creation life! Not! No really though I’m pretty sure God is gonna be psst off and ready to dole out some payback. I hope you got your excuses ready The Big Guy might buy your BS, but I don’t think so.and Remember this “Call something Paradise and Kiss It Good Bye” The Eagles1977.peace and forgiveness to all. Raymond G.

  167. How many times you people wrote the word absolut in this post? think about it, I belive mexicans don´t need texas and the others states anymore, because it´s full of racist people

    when they don´t hate black people you hate mexicans or homos or poor people…anybody who looks different than you

    there was a war and you take the territory, ok for me, thats history…we still have a beutyfull country with greats regions and persons we don´t need hate and make war with every country that think different because we aren´t afraid of other people.

  168. Thats nice! Maybe Americans think about give it back to Mexico..
    Like they want to give Greek Name Macedonia to SKOPIA (FYROM)..

  169. Great Add.

    I love it!!!! they should make one with Alaska included in a Russian Map

    Salud Amigos!!!!


  170. Perhaps this ad will remind us of the seemingly collaborative role the Swedes played in WW II by allowing Nazi Germany access to its rail system so as to aid them in their occupation of neighboring Norway. Let’s redraw that map, shall we? In the meantime, their overrated Vodka can take its rightful place along side of Popov.

  171. Okay let me get this straight. According to Mexico the United Staes “stole” land from them during or after the Mexican-American war. That is like saying Israel stole Palestinean land after the 1967 war. Oh that’s right….Some ignorant people actually believe that too.

    Tell you what why don’t we just go back to the maps of the let’s say… 1400’s and tell the people today that it is justice and deal with it.

    Give me a break….give us all a break and try to make your “current” map/area a better place to live instead of trying to cause more problems.

    I have always enjoyed Absolute but will be finding another brand.

  172. Folks, Absolute is crappy vodka! Most Mexicans would not drop 3 months salary on a bottle of vodka when they can drink cheap tequila all day!!! Let the Americans pay $50.00 a bottle for an American owned tequila company called Patron!!!

    See, they already invaded us! No borders………. !!!

  173. Better yet, in an Absolute World the Mexicans would take up the defence of Sewden.

  174. In an Absolute World we could ban Absolute

  175. This is very stupid, but is true in the future Los Angeles will be Mexico, I´m sorry gringos.

  176. Good job absolute now every american who sees your add will never drink your brand again.. But hey atleast you appealed to all the mexican people.

  177. Should we have an advertising campaign that depicts a map of the middle east, showing a pre- Israel map, labeled- Absolute Palestine. In no way am I bashing Israel or Jewish people; however, imagine how people would feel. Dumb move Absolute…

  178. With those old borders in place, can you imagine a Mexican from the southern end of the country traveling the extra 1000 miles to jump the border fence?
    Long way to go to illegally immigrate and be able to afford that Absolut swill…

  179. Absolut is a Finnish company, recently bought by a French company.

    This is so funny coming from Finland, who were forced to cede land to the USSR by force, before becoming an Axis Power supporting Nazi Germany in WWII.

    Absolut has now apologized.

    I just wish the Dallas Morning News would apologize for name its 2007 Texan Of The Year, The Illegal Alien.

  180. It will be USA. The biggest empires the world has been made based wars and land theft, as the United States has done for invading other countries, which is why the Americans are not well seen in the world, only they create their heroes and they believe . Like the others will fall well empires USA, most people in the world will be more happy that unhappy. Mexico will have no problems in recovering its territory. ASI SERA.

  181. Hey. I’m part Indian. my people were her before white OR mexicans. And I STILL wouldn’t want California to be part of Mexico. Mexico is a piss-filled SHITHOLE of corruption.

  182. In an ABSOLUT world, whitey would have stayed in his own land! You bastards invaded our land, massacred our people, raped our women, brought the plague and eventually turned us into foreigners on our own soil. Ain’t that a bitch!!! To this day you keep invading other countries and imposing your laws and beliefs on them. No wonder the world hates you. Why do you even give a shit about the ads that go on in other countries?

    Well, guys. That map in the ABSOLUT ad is of México prior to the “American” invasion. It’s only a matter of time before that map returns to its original state. You know it. We all know it. And that is the reason for all this anti-mexican sentiment. What makes it worse is that you can’t do anything about it. We are here, we are multiplying, and we are not going away. But relax. There will NOT be a war. We don’ t want a war. It won’t even be necessary. We will simply become the majority and take over… PEACEFULLY.

    The fact of the matter is this: White people do not reproduce as much as us. You guys are just growing older and dying. Sorry! Now deal with it. One word of advice… Learn SPANISH… A.S.A.P. Time is running out! Adios y buenas noches.

    Before I go, I’ll say this. I don’t normally drink vodka. I’m a Tequila drinker. But I suddenly have a craving for some vodka. I think I’ll buy ABSOLUT. Yeah!!!

  183. Americans were horrified, and they were outraged to tremble by a simple ad campaign of a vodka. The truth is that historically there is Mexico, and proof of that is that we are returning to conquer, one day we will be more Mexicans in this land that is not strange to us. You can not hide that great truth, and we as Mexicans we do not offend in Absolutely nothing, unlike encourages us to continue expanding our consquista silently, in which we have the backing of all of Latin America.

  184. wow, this absolut guys really made me happy!!!! i will drink no more than vodka NOW….and will encourage everyone i know to do so! i proud be mexican…you americans think you rule the world…..poor little bastards, open your eyes, history will repeat, and our lands will be return to those who really worked them….Emiliano Zapata was right “la tierra volverá a las manos de quienes la trabajan”…..learn spanish you racists!!!!!!!!!!
    EXCELLENT AD ABSOLUT…..mexico venerates you!!!!

  185. Jajajajajaja que bien me ha hecho leer la sarta de babosadas de estos “gringuitos” jajajajaja cuánta preocupación por un SIMPLE anuncio publicitario. Será acaso que como sabiamente decimos aquí en México que “el miedo no anda en burro” o que tal vez “sienten pasos en la zotea”????????’
    Acéptenlo, muy pronto serán más los mexicanos que habiten en Estados Unidos que los propios gabachos.
    Me pongo de pie por ABSOLUT, que hue…..que valentía….mis respetos. Será Absolut de ahora en adelante, no hay vuelta atrás!!!

  186. This is amazing! At least there are a few bloggers with some sense about history etc. It’s an ad campagin people, with an actual map from a long ago era. It’s not encouraging a coup or revolution or the likes. My own people, “gabachos,” appall me with their lack of a sense of humor and their sensitivities on their sleeves. When will they learn that no one is trying to “invade” the country as politicians would have us believe, that Tijuana wouldn’t be the slum it is if the US didn’t try to run the world, that Mexico is full of beautiful places and beautiful people, that people aren’t “illegal,” that there is plenty to share with others.

    Cheers Absolut! I like your campaign!

  187. it’s so interesting how it’s so shocking for Americans to see such as ad as this Absolute Vodka advertisement which basically states the south western U.S. belongs to Mexico. and yet, Americans see no problem with people such as those in Kosovo trying to steal land in Serbia. and even go so far as to condone the independence of the illegal declaration.

  188. yeah bring your mexican trash over we’re trying to decide right now when we are going to do the same thing to you. your all trash

  189. Let’s change things… What if an Absolut ad showed
    “In an Absolut World” and depicted the US extending into Mexico…LOL..LOL… Lighten up everybody its just an ad.

  190. **But relax. There will NOT be a war. We don’ t want a war. It won’t even be necessary. We will simply become the majority and take over… PEACEFULLY.
    **encourages us to continue expanding our consquista silently, in which we have the backing of all of Latin America
    **Los Angeles will be Mexico, I´m sorry gringos.
    **Learn SPANISH… A.S.A.P. Time is running out! Adios y buenas noches.

    Thank you Absolut for bringing to our attention the agenda of many Mexicans. We now not only need to defend this great country from those who are willing to attack us from the air, but from those who walk over our boarder.

  191. Well – sure – the add is nearly funny (as Victory put it), but it is pushing buttons – was meant to push buttons… And that is great – if pushing buttons is one’s plan…

    I personally think it will work wonderfully for the money laden hardworking Mexican people – they might buy more of this vodka.

    My hard earned American currency will choose a new vodka – how is that for button pushing?

  192. My My, how a whimsical and silly ad created by a bunch of Chilangos for their puppet-masters in the northern climes of Europe, has stirred the kettle of American gad-flys and fear mongers. A good benchmark to where the United States stands in this global mundo that we all spin around in. No longer does Ozzie and Harriet rule the airways (make way for George Lopez!!). No longer is racism institutionalized as it was a full 40 years ago almost to the day when Martin Luther King Jr., got shot down by a hillbilly and his cohorts. Man, the Anglos and their henchmen are really pissed off, even by ghost of the past! And well they should be a bit spooky. La Reconquista, my friends is just another way of labeling change in America. It is happening! The vanguard can be seen in every hotel that needs rooms cleaned. In every customer service phone call you make that asks ‘ press 1 for Spanish, 2 for English. It is a seminal part of your rodeo, your 10 gallon hats. Whenever Latinos gather within our borders for a soccer game, for political marches, records are broken. It is the battle cry of purveyors of fast foods at Taco Bell, McDonalds, Starbucks. Most meats that you buy , lettuce that you toss, and bananas that you peel have been prepared for your table by Spanish speaking/surname people. What is the No#1 vacation destination for Americans? Mexico! Can you say 40% of the population in our most populace States already has Mexican/Spanish ancestry? No invasion? What do you call 30,000,000, people of Spanish surname/language origins pouring across our Southern borders in less than a decade! Is it no wonder that people of European ancestry are freaked out over anything that peels the surface of the Chicano/Latino onion that lies just below the surface of our American society! And now to on top of everything, to have Absolut make a play for the tequila drinking crowd with a cartoon-like image that most historians immediately dismiss as inaccurate and purely commercial! When will it end. Sorry, but this is just the beginning. Hey what comes around goes around. I never did like vodka, no matter how expensive it got. Give me mezcal with its gusano that I would rather suck down. Sure beats a watered down Bud!

  193. My family came here LEGALLY in 1912 & did everything they could to CONTRIBUTE & ASSIMILATE. Why do the Mexican immigrants REFUSE to simply follow the laws & migrate to the US legally. I have no problem w/people coming here as long as they do so legally & are willing to become US citizens. Being a US citizen means LEGALLY contributing to society like the rest of us by paying taxes & assimilating into our society. Most illegals are paid under the table & escape paying taxes. Those taxes pay for the roads they drive on, the hospital emergency rooms they use w/o payment & the schools their children attend. Why should they get those benefits w/o paying for them like the rest of us.

    BTW-Former Mexican lands were not “stolen” as so many keep saying. Throughout all of history wars have been fought & lands have exchanged hands all over the world & no monetary compensation was given to anyone so quit crying about it. Mexico LOST the Mexican-American war over 150 years ago.

    I will NEVER buy Absolut vodka again.

  194. “Gringos”, ABSOLUT-ly stupid, for having bush 2 times as president 😀

  195. This is amazing!! How can you United States citizens (no, not “americans”, that’s for all of us who inhabitate this continent) be so proud of your country and so offensive about others?

    Maybe that’s why you are in trouble with too many countries.

    This is just a stupid (yes stupid, because that’s history and it’s over) ad about a bad product… then… why do you use any opportunity to talk shit about anyone outside USA?

    I just wish you all keep the same… so you can continue getting into troubles with every country, and so your young racist soldiers get killed and exterminated little by little.

    Stupid racist people… why can’t you see that we are all humans and should be able to live in peace? No matter if you live in a country with that many opportunities or I live in a country with the greatest people? Every country has something beatiful to share, and also every country has serious problems with their own people…

    Enjoy the enjoyable, and allow every country to solve their own problems.

    Please stop consuming drugs, so our narco problems get dissolved because of the lack of market?

    Have a nice day.

  196. haha this is the most funny thing i have ever seen!!!!!!!! just because the stupid gringos and their corrupt and cruel goverment isn’t over yet doesn’t mean mexican ppl are the worst!!!!!! Grigos: american people without traditions, culture, color, variety, and big fat people! did you know mexicans don’t travel in burro or wear big giant sombrero?! well that’s the deal!!! US PEOPLE WOULDN’T BE NOTHING WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS! i’d like to see one of gringos working and earning 10 dls hahahaha USA is hated by all the world because of his way to end with this planet!!!!!

  197. Love the add!!!!

    Get over it ppl theres more important things to worry about like keep ur fu…in house, get bush out of the, and keep hilary out of it 😉

    Grey goose is great, but i’ll get an absolut bottle from time to time.

    Viva la Mexique!!!!

  198. How stupid are Mexicans? The problem lays with your corrupt government!
    The Mexican government want all you “illegals” to come to the USA and send money home to support the rich. You should be staying home and fighting for change in your own country not here crying about racists or this is your land. If the usa gave the land back, it would be just like Mexico is now and you would be crossing the border once more.

    Wake up, change your country. Protest in the streets of Mexico! Have you no pride for your country. I am from Ca. and I have travaled all over Mexico. There are alot of very rich people in Mexico and the rest are dirt poor. Time for the mexican people to take some pride in their contry and themselfs and stand up. Do not come to the USA to clean tolits, and pick apples, or you could give Mexico over to the USA and we will all live better.

    In an absolute world, Mexico would still be spain.
    It would be alot cleaner and better off.

  199. Great add…Americans getting upset by it should realise that it is an ad aimed at mexican consumers, it clearly was not mean’t to suggest mexico should invade the US. IT’S A JOKE! Seriously, anyone who is getting upset by this needs to… have some have a couple of shots of vodka and chill out!

  200. I am an American. I don’t drink vodka. I am appalled at the attitude of many of my country-people who decided to speak out at this site. Consider that your response to this ad says more about the people of the United States than anything the ad can say. Racist, self-obsessed, myopic would be a fewer of the nicer things that could be said. For many in the rest of the world this will simply confirm all of their worst thoughts about Americans. We’re pissing and moaning over a meaningless advertisement while thousands die daily in other countries because of American crimes of commission and /or omission. If you want to get upset, do it over something important — something that really matters. If you must be a red-neck, ugly American, ethnocentric idiot — please have the sense to shut up.

  201. hey gringo, here the news:

    The good : Its only an ad, nobody take it seriously, its just fun. Es pa curarsela nomas.

    The bad news: we are here right now. we are not in a hurry so the time es nuestro.

    Take it easy, maybe – if you never gonna drink Absolut- you could mix one coronita whit cabo wabbo (somebody say just one?) Salud gueros, sigan dormidos. Su pais está en bancarrota y se ofenden por un pinche anuncio.

  202. As a Mexican I can say that this is a very risky way to make money…besides as everybody knows how patriot north americans are. But you “gringos” have to understand that nobody is trying to steal you, it is a fact that mexicans are not a good administrators, we have missed our property sense and patriotism, most of us are lost in a bubble trying to live,eat and Think!like you.
    Sogood for Absolut !!!

  203. In an absolut world, evolution would break up the lower part of North America, i.e. Mexico, from the rest of the Americas and send it to China where they will be treated lower than the Tibetans, though I would like to free Tibet.

  204. Excelente! Muy bien Absolut, nos llenaste de orgullo y nos recordaste lo que realmente es nuestro y nos robaron. Si te pones a analizar la situación, ¿quien invade a quien? JAJA


    y a quien no le guste, que ch’*-=e a su madre

    Viva México

  205. Absolut has really pulled a good one this time. I am from Texas and this ad is deeply offensive. Namely because we kicked Santa Ana’s A*^ and he signed TEXAS over to TEXAS himself. And as I recall in the US/Mexico war the United States kicked Mexican A*^ all the way down to Vera Cruz. We took it and should have kept it but gave it back. How many times has a country got their A&%^ kicked in a war and then got their stuff back? How ’bout NEVER! Now if the Mexicans want that land back- COME TAKE IT!!

  206. How many Mexicans can afford Absolut anyway? That crap must be really cheap there.


  208. You people are pathetic! It’s so typical of people to get the competely wrong idea! “I’ll never drink absolut again blablabla!” IT’S AN ADVERT TO MAKE MONEY! idiots!

  209. You deserve to be reinvaded

  210. U morons, you’re full of sh*t, I’m mexican, and I can say, history is not what is written by man, and facts are pretty much different from what you know or you think you know. My country ain’t crap, is just in a bad time for almost everybody, in fact I believe that U.S.A. is going to enter in the same trouble that us.
    Anyway, this is only an advertisement, it means nothing for a lot of mexicans like me, I don’t like your contry, I don’t like to work there, because you think we are crap compared to us, you think we stole your jobs, when no one stoles nothing, mexicans go there to work hard and make money for their childrens, that ain’t stole, and we already take back those states, how many people do you know for example in California, who speak spanish? Duh!

  211. Thank God we took off Texas. House of the worst terrorist in history

  212. WOOOOWWW !!!! GREAT ADD !!!



    GREAT ADD !!!!

  213. Great Add!!



    GREAT ADD!!!

  214. What did Mexico do with the $5,000,000 we paid them for that part of the country… Swedish Vodka?

    I think not. Perhaps Tequila…Yes Tequila.

    And Absolut sucks anyways. I bought Absolut Citron to try in some drinks and I still have 3/4 of the bottle left. When someone orders Absolut now, I tell them we are out. My boss hasn’t quite yet noticed how Absolut sales are waaaaay down. LOL Viva La Goose!

  215. How much did the Albanians legally pay for that to happen?

    Can you say nothing? Learn your history. Your ignorance is a slap in the face to all decent, and educated Serbs.

  216. I bought my home in 1989 for $110,000 and sold it in 2002 for $135,000. Within 2 years afterwards, the value was $325,000.

    What was I thinking? I want it back now.

    I can’t wait to go back and reconquista it soon.

  217. Wow, lots of Absolut venom here. I heard that Absolut will be making amends by running an ad in the US:

    “In An Absolute World” – With a picture of Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the United States.

    I’m sure that will even things out.

  218. This ad campaign is hilarious – go Absolut!

  219. It is believed that the first Native Americans arrived during the last ice-age, approximately 20,000 – 30,000 years ago through a land-bridge across the Bering Sound, from northeastern Siberia into Alaska. Eventually making there way south.

    From Siberia into Alaska!!! How is this possible?? I thought the land belonged to Mexico.
    You didn’t owne it! Looks like MECHA needs to go back to the drawing board. Will they?Absolutely not. The Native Americans who had absolutely no ties to Spain or spoke a word of Spanish owned that land. If your going to point the finger at America you need to point the finger at yourself. LaRazza and MECHA need to study their history a bit better.

  220. I lost count the number of people on this posting who have said they are not drinking Absolut anymore because it is crap. If it is so bad, why are you people drinking it? Maybe no taste? It would explan in the neanderthalic comments. Scraped knuckles anyone?

    You guys should just go back to your crummy American beer and “freedom fries”!

  221. jajaja!!

    que bueno. q se enojen todos los gabachos. ha!!

    y sisi asi deberia de ser.

    “Now why don’t you look down
    to where your feet is planted
    That U.S. soil that makes you take shit for granted
    If not for Santa Ana, just to let you know
    That where your feet are planted would be Mexico

  222. We Americans have a really odd version of reality. It is my opinion that Americans and our government are no morally better and no morally worse than any other world power in the course of the last 3,000 years. Sorry to burst your bubble people, but the following things did occur in our country: slavery, the systematic, genocidal removal of Indians from their native lands, the Espionage Act, Jim Crow Laws, the internment of American citizens in concentration camps during World War II, the Mai Lai Massacre, the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Abuse Scandals, Nixon, and the Village People.

    If this is such a great country, then why do people refuse to acknowledge, learn about and accept such basic, irrefutable truths about our nation’s past? I don’t get it. My opinion is that the U.S. is a great country — warts and all. I know this for a fact, because I’ve been to some sordid third world countries where things are truly f****d up and where there is no opportunity for people to make better lives for themselves.

    As for my opinion about the Mexican-American War — I agree with the opinion of the vast majority of professional historians and Ulysses S. Grant who called the Mexican-American War “one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory.”

    We provoked Mexico into a war they could not win, and in settling the terms for the outcome of that war, we forced them to “sell” the land to us by “making them an offer they couldn’t refuse.” (FYI: that last quote is from the Godfather where Michael Corleone states the following about the famous singer Johnny Fontane: “Michael: …Well when Johnny was first starting out, he was signed to a personal services contract with this big-band leader. And as his career got better and better he wanted to get out of it. But the band leader wouldn’t let him. Now, Johnny is my father’s godson. So my father went to see this bandleader and offered him $10,000 to let Johnny go, but the bandleader said no. So the next day, my father went back, only this time with Luca Brasi. Within an hour, he had a signed release for a certified check of $1000.”)

    What do I think about the add? It really doesn’t make me that angry, to tell you the truth. I do, however, think the add provides us an excellent opportunity to learn something about our nation’s rich history. And, at the expense of sounding like an incorrigible redneck, there is no way that we are giving this land back to Mexico anyhow — so what’s the fuss?

  223. DPH…. You are probably one of the most intelligent person on this site. Wake up America!

    We can do and say anything we want in the name of patriotism but we cannot do it forever. There is a higher power, therefore when it’s our time, it will be our time. Know what? There is nothing that we are going to be able to do about it. Americans better wake up!!!

  224. Way to go Andy. Another honest and intelligent American. ………………There is still hope for Americans.

  225. Americans you have such a long way to go. You all sit on your pompous backsides bragging and being proud of all the illegal wars you have started and claimed to have won. All the blood you have shed, all the natural resources you have stolen and all the free labour you have taken. As a result you have become rich. Yes rich and proud.

    Picture a family of say 5 children, America being one of the children. Behaving the way America behaves towards the other children and becoming the bully that America is what exactly does America have to be proud of. This child, “America” may grow up to always get and have whatever he/she wants whenever he/she wants, but at what cost. No matter the career this person ends up having and the power he/she acquire, it this what life is really about?

    America you profess to be so successful and powerful yet psychologically your self esteem must be extremely low for you to have to pick on the weak and downtrodden to feel good about yourself. HOW did youbecome so rich and successful? HOW? HOW? Be honest Americans, HOW? There are repercussions in life for all we do. Remember the sins of the fathers. America your fowls will one day come home to roost. It won’t be terrorism either. Terrorism is the least of America’s problem. GOD is bigger than that. The same God you all call upon to “Bless America”. You all are such hypocrites.

  226. Raymond G…… I salute you!

  227. What’s more offensive? This particular Absolut ad or Budweiser’s ongoing “King of Beers” platform? Now that is something of grave concern – Budweiser stating they are the best. And, anyway, it is really Budvar. The recipe was stolen from the Czechs.

  228. annie lopez: que pendeja eres, no vengas nunca mas ni a ver a tus abuelos los cuales se fueron a pizcar algodón allá para que ahora tu te creas gringa. Naca de mier..

  229. We need another EL ZORRO to defeat gringos in California.
    California México in a near future. jajajajaja

  230. As an Anglo, a lawyer, living in Texas, I’m the target and I have to say I thought the ad was funny. I think people are taking themselves and beer ads just a little too seriously if they think this was anything other than a pretty funny ad. We’d all be a lot better off if we’d all just lighten up a little.

    That being said, I do hope to see a Lone Star Beer commercial with Texas drawn to proper proportions, which is to say that outside of the northeastern seaboard we’d pretty much rule.

  231. Since when the US is a country of law? 1776?, 1830?, 2007? The fact is, the USA took something it did not belong to them. Puerto Rico was colony, Mexico was a republic. Mexico did not have the luck of France in 1940, or the luck of Quwait in 1990. Or the luck of Vietnam in the 60’s. These country got help to expel the invaders. Sooner or later countries that anexate foerign territories will definitely pay.

  232. since when americans care so much about the ads displayed in mexico?, why do u even bother to comment here?, its just a joke people, i live just south of the border and here no one really cared about the ad, it was just funny, and what makes it so funny is the tantrum americans are showing, get over it, we know california is you problem now not ours

  233. hey gringos dont get mad. were taking over little by little in the next 100 years will be the majority in this states and yall cant do anything about if. so get used to it were taking over were reclaiming our old states yall in the other hand yall are old and dying. we have the youth and the power to populate all this. gringos yall took our lands in the 1840s those lands were the future of mexico the future of our people. probably if the usa wouldnt have taken those lands they would never had become the country that is.and talking about that argument of spain took from indians and mexico from spain. gringos yall are purely alien to this continent at least we mexicans have indian blood and spanish blood. yall are just mixed people from all over europe. dont worry this will be mexico again. learn some espanol and get used to seeing us here becuase were not going nowhere hahhahahha man i wish el zorro and pancho villa were here so he could kick you out of the southwest hahhah viva mexico viva la rencoquista gringos get used california mexico los angeles mexico hahhahahhahahahha

  234. Then, when you have taken over Calif you can run it just as good as you run Mexico now. And everybody knows how well run Mexico is.

    I’m enjoying living here while I can because when the Mexicans take over it’s all going to turn to shit – just like Mexico is now.

  235. Screw you sucking gringos, Que viva mexico y los latinos. You GRINGOS stole our states! Go Absolut Vodka! Aprende como hablar, escribir y leer en espanol pinche gringos pendejos, a la verga con ustedes! This country will be ours again putos crackers, this is for the Mexicans and Latinos. Arriba las chivas!

  236. Love the ad!! My family’s been in California for generations – post revolution. Don’t understand all the fuss, but hey, Estadounidenses think that they own the world, and that it’s always been so. I say screw ’em if they can’t take a joke. Get a life!!

    Que viav la raza. Just kidding. Sort of.

    I’m still drinking Absolut.

  237. Estadounidenses just don’t get it and probably never will. The US government stole 40% of Mexico with the Treaty of Guadalupe signed at the end of the Mexican-American War. Pure and simple.

    Just like the war in Iraq and Vietnam, US citizens were fed lies and exaggerations to get the war-juices flowing and the troops moving.

    And opposition to the war was broad and strong. Most northern and southern Whigs, including Abraham Lincoln, opposed the war.

    Lincoln stated “This war is a nondescript…. We charge the President with usurping the war-making power… with seizing a country… which had been for centuries, and was then in the possession of the Mexicans…. Let us put a check upon this lust of dominion. We had territory enough, Heaven knew.” (

    And Tejas? Those ‘heroes’ – including those at the Alamo – were doing the bidding of the southern US slavocracy in expanding slavery, which was illegal in Mexico, as it was becoming more unpopular in the US.

    Just another sordid chapter in US history. And only ignorant fools would think otherwise.

  238. Funny ad. On the other hand many of the comments seem to describe that are offended. Many don’t said why. Others describe the corruption and poverty that occurs in Mexico. I suppose that you should visit the devastated zones that were hit by Katrina to realize how stupid you sound to believe that US has no poverty and has first world service… I guess you have never needed medical care.


  240. Ok, ok, problem is a misunderstanding in history. What happened in 1836 (texan revolution) and in 1848 (mexican american war) and 1853 (La mesilla purchase) is not in our hands. we are in 2008 and the current situations is a land shared by mexicans and americans , it is the destiny of those lands, history marks them as a shared land, but with Government belonging to the smartest part.

    People’s roots can’t be changed as easily as a funny add…

    And…as I had to learn english and work for an english company and I am mexican…I like this “shared land” …

    I feel proud of my spanish, but I also enjoy english…

    Asi que ponganse a leer historia, sientanse orgullosos si viven en alta california, arizona, nuevo mexico o tejas….que ni los gobiernos pueden cambiar a su gente, las ciudades se llaman como se fundaron originalmente…y la vida sigue….

    if you have any doubt please contact me

    Greetings / Saludos

  241. To all the stupid people that say Mexico is poor and it wold have run the other states to bankruptcy too. Look at USA now! You have now only four days of school a week! All because there’s not enough money for gas! I’m sorry but you can’t go criticizing other countries like that. There are ups and downs and our country is a lot cheaper than yours. While yours has better health benefits.

  242. this ad is awesome.

  243. I think, even if these states were STILL apart of Mexico, we’d see Mexicans immigrating EN MASS. I mean, how many Americans migrate to Mexico each year? What about the other way around? They’re not coming here because we stole states from them. They’re coming here because Mexico just isn’t a logical place to raise a family. It’s not a terrible country, it’s just, say, 200 miles North you can make quite a bit more dough.

    I for one think the American dream should be open to anyone. Right now our immigration laws are too tough. We should just let anyone who wants to come here, come here. That’s what it’s all about people.

    Don’t be attached to your America, it’s always changing, and so should you.

    Everyone should have a nice place to raise their kids, good jobs, good education. Mexico doesn’t guarantee that quite like America, and that’s why Mexicans want to come here.

    Mexico isn’t quite the shithole everyone makes it out to be, but it certainly isn’t a utopia. I’m not sure where I stand on using standardized IQ tests about anything, but Mexico certainly is a good 15 points behind the US. Still, the US is behind China, a country we demonize quite regularly, yet I’m sure many Americans would consider Chinese to be less intelligent due to their lack of freedoms.

    I personally hear a lot of people bitch about Mexicans and immigration. It’s quite silly really. No one owns America. It’s an idea, and people are attracted to it. It just so happens that the country South of us finds our ideas incredibly lucrative, while our neighbors to the North are more better situated to sustain themselves and develop their own value system.

    It also happens that our neighbors to the South are quite good people, and very humble. Plus they have great food. Not quite the smartest country in the world (by a long shot), but so what?

    Whatever happens, happens.
    Let go.

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