Spoofs of Absolut’s spoof…

Following, Absolut’s controversial Mexico advertising campaign, here are some spoofs that have sprung up over the last 48 hours:

Absolut rearrange - US

Absolut rearrange bottle- US

Absolut rearrange boycott - US
Absolut rearrange fence - US
Absolut rearrange screwup- US


3 Responses

  1. Why people are getting upset over this? Vodka ads are not meant to be taken seriously anyways… or perhaps I should drink Mikes Hard Lemonade and check my garage for a Ferrari, then bedroom for a hottie… and if they are not there, cry and moan about it on the internet. Let’s move on people, there are more important things to waste breath (bandwidth) on.

  2. HERE HERE Chimbles….

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