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Deborah Bonello, of, with RockyThere is good news and, well, good news here at which I wanted to tell you, my readers, for the sake of transparency.

Next week, I will be start in a new job as staff blogger, investigator and video journalist for the Los Angeles Times and their Latin America blog La Plaza here in Mexico City. After freelancing for the Mexico office for the last six months, they have created a new role for me in the foreign staff. I am both flattered and excited at the new challenge.

As a result, it’s likely that the output of will change slightly – how, I do not know. Yet., up until now, has been an independent multi-media site. I expect that independence to continue but wanted to be clear about where my eyes are now based.

I do anticipate having a little less time to spend on bespoke content for the site than I have had during the last year. But – both here and on the Frontline network – will continue at full pelt. It could be that the content becomes more ‘behind-the-scenes’ – a personal angle on the work and reporting I do for La Plaza – as well as broadening out a little more in terms of its coverage. The Mexico City Bureau down here covers Mexico and Central America as well as Cuba now, so hopefully I’ll be able to bring you coverage from those countries too.

As has always been the case with the site, it will develop as it develops – I am not going to set any rules of what future posts will be. Life here is too unpredictable.

The challenge at the Los Angeles Times and the Latin America blog la Plaza is an exciting one, and I hope that you, my readers, will continue to read my work – both here and at La Plaza – and as always, give it your critical eye and feedback.

Thanks for staying tuned for our first year – it’s been a roller-coaster ride that has whizzed by! Please stay with us as we move into phase two!

Deborah Bonello,, can be reached at


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Mexico Reporter on the new role! I hope the site does indeed take on a role as a “back channel” to La Plaza and continue to carry Deborah Bonello’s unique voice in Mexico.

  2. Yes congratulations. The LA Times is an excellent venue and this means it will just get better. I’ll be following what happens at

  3. Congratulations again Deborah! Much much deserved and a testament to all your hard work and excellent and fearless reporting on Can’t wait to see what you’ll go on to achieve.

  4. “new job as staff blogger, investigator and video journalist”. Sounds like a nice job. Good luck with it. Look forward to reading some behind-the-scenes content

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