Arena de Mexico Mascara-Seller makes nearly $1000 dollars on a good night

Mascaras for Sales, Arena de MexicoJosé Carmelo is 33 years old and has been working outside the Arena de Mexico selling mascaras for 20 years. He got into this line of work thought his brothers, who used to have another shop outside another lucha venue – el Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. Click on the picture for more photos.

A Lesson in Lucha Libre pays a visit to a Lucha Libre school in Mexico city, where the next generation of fighters are learning the art of the Lucha

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NewCorrespondent on the BBC

Lucha Libre School. Photo Courtesy of Luz Montero, at

Mexican Youngsters Wrestle with Fame

Ringo Mendoza Portrait

Lucha Libre fighter and Maestro Ringo Mendoza

This is Ringo Mendoza, the Lucha Libre fighter and Maestro interviewed by some weeks ago. The photo is courtesy of Luz Montero.

See here for the interview.

Lucha Libre Highlights from Arena Coliseo

First it was Leono (the Lion), Metalico and Tigre Blanco (the White Tiger) up against Loco Max (Crazy Max), ArkAngel and Doctor X. Then Blue Panther, Heavy Metal and El Sagrado (the Scared) had it out with Hijo de Lizmark (son of Lizmark), Averno and Mephisto. All insults form the crowd involved a combination of the fighters’ mothers and female prostitutes and the array of ostentatious Lycra outfits was jaw-dropping.It’s a regular Tuesday night at the Lucha Libre in downtown Mexico City’s Arena Coliseo, where for the price of an expensive pint of beer in London you can watch the country’s favourite Lucha Trios fight it out, Mexico-style.

As I prepare my equipment next to me, a man straps the mask of Metalico, his favourite fighter, to the head of his two year old daughter. He then jumps up out of his seat and holds her aloft towards the fighters preparing to do battle in the ring. She, in turn, extends her middle finger on his command and raises her arm. Priceless.

Lucha Libre Glamour

It’s a regular Tuesday night at the Lucha Libre in downtown Mexico City’s Arena Coliseo

Fuerza Guerrera, 53, has been fighting in the Lucha Libre for 32 years

Born Guadalupe Gonzalez in Mexico City, he fights under his professional name and refuses to be photographed without his signature mask

Lucha Libre Fighter Fuerza Guerrera Won’t Show His Face Without A Mask

Fuerza Guerrera is a famous Mexican Lucha Libre fighter who we met in the Latino American Gymnasio, Mexico City. He refused to be interviewed with his face showing – many fighters will only be seen in public wearing their masks. So we interviewed him from behind. Forgive my poor Spanish.