MexicoReporter in the Press

BBC Radio 4 iPM, April 2008. The BBC interviewed me about my use of Twitter, the mobile messaging broadcast platform, through

Listen to the interview here.

Press Gazette, January 2008: was featured as one of the top ten most innovative blogs in this article in January 2008.

Mexico City-based journalist Deborah Bonello publishes the Mexcio Reporter blog. The British freelance employs video, photographs, audio and text to furnish her dispatches. She also uses a plethora of popular web tools, like the Facebook social network, the micro-blogging tool Twitter, and citizen journalism site NowPublic. The blog is an excellent example of how a journalist can use freely available internet tools and become quickly established as a reliable overseas foreign correspondent. Bonello recently started filing video and text reports for the Los Angeles Times., October 2007: When started, it began under the name wrote this article about the project.

Two British journalists are embarking on a multimedia exploration of Latin America in a quest to map out a new model for freelance journalism.

Deborah Bonello, a writer for outlets including CNN Traveller and The Guardian, and Tom Parker, a photojournalist who has contributed to Time and Portfolio, started to document efforts to produce mobile overseas journalism using an array of new technology.

Over three months in Mexico and Guatemala, they will seek out stories – produced using a laptop, mobile phone, digitial video (DV) camera and digital camera – that can be told using Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Flickr and other social media outlets.

“We are going to have to strike a balance between small pieces of content – a three-minute interview on video or audio, for example – and larger pieces of reportage,” London-based Ms Bonello, who flies to Mexico City on Thursday before heading south, told

“The point is to get an ‘in’ to the lives and stories that the mainstream media don’t cover. We will be relying heavily on contacts we have out there and working with locals.”

The initiative bears similarities with independent backpack video journalist Kevin Sites, whose In The Hot Zone reports for Yahoo have illustrated the potential for solo multimedia online news reportage from around the world, and with Ben Hammersley’s attempt to report the Turkish election for BBC News using Flickr, Twitter, and other off-site resources.

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