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August 2008 / Los Angeles Times: Exhibition Looks into the world of immigration. created this photo slideshow to go with this Los Angeles Times story by Reed Johnson on a photography and video exhibition in Mexico City that examined the concept of migration and immigration.

August 2008 / Los Angeles Times: The Mexican daily ritual of raising the flag. Every morning, Mexico’s military raise the country’s flag in a ceremony which takes place in the capital’s Zocalo, or grand central plaza. Tourists and Mexicans alike stop to enjoy the ceremony early in the day. The soldiers salute as the flag reaches its peak, where it will stay until 6pm, at which time the military emerges once again from the National Palace to take the flag down and store it for the night.You also see the movie here on La Plaza.

July 2008 / Los Angeles Times: A bitter debate on how to rescue Mexico’s troubled state-owned oil company went directly to the people on Sunday as capital residents voted on President Felipe Calderon’s plan to open some portions of Mexico’s nationalized petroleum industry to outsiders. See the story here, as well as the video below.

May 2008 / Los Angeles Times: produced the video for this Los Angeles Times report on a fake border crossing for tourists in Mexico. Read the written report here.

May 2008 / Los Angeles Times: produced a video about a new initiative launched by latina singer Shakira in Latin America aimed at improving the education and health of poor children across the region. The video ran with this story.

May 2008 / Los Angeles Times: produced a video to accompany a story on Leonora Carrington, a British surrealist artist in Mexico City. Here is the blog post and the news story that went with the video, both by Reed Johnson.

March 2008 / Los Angeles Times: produced a short video interview for the Los Angeles Times to go with a news story and a blog post that the media outlet did on hostility in Mexico directed at the youth group, ’emos’. In the video clip, Andrea Velazquez, 18, defends her targeted group, the emos.

March 2008 / Los Angeles Times: The focus of the latest film from LA-based Mexican director Patricia Riggen is torn from today’s headlines and deals with the issue of families separated by borders. The Los Angeles Times talked with director Patricia Riggen and screenwriter Ligiah Villalobos in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, about making the film and Mexicans in LA. This film appeared with this story on

March 2008 / BBCMundo commissioned to record a group of female mariachi playing in Plaza de Garibaldi, Mexico City, to celebrate international women’s day. The film also appeared here in the BBCMundo network.

Feb 2008 / The Los Angeles Times: To accompany a Los Angeles Times story about the exhibition in Tlatelolco, produced this video – please click here.

‘Even today there is no definitive count of how many pro-democracy demonstrators were slaughtered by Mexican army troops in the Tlatelolco zone of this capital on Oct. 2, 1968’.

Feb 2008 / The Los Angeles Times: Thousands of Mexican small farmers swept into the capital this week, driving tractors and hauling cows (see video). They were protesting the lifting of trade restrictions on agricultural commodities like corn, rice and oats. The farmers say lifting these restrictions will put them out of work, because they won’t be able to compete with powerful U.S. agri-businesses, and they’re pressuring Mexico’s government to renegotiate portions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States and Canada. This film appeared on La Plaza, the Los Angeles Times blog.

Jan 2008 / The Los Angeles Times: Mexican actress Bárbara Mori wants to be more than a pretty face, and she has the fake buck teeth and fat suit to prove it. The Los Angeles Times covered the launch of her new film and provided the video interview. This film appeared on La Plaza, the Los Angeles Times blog.

Jan 2008 / Los Angeles Times: Mexicans Support Journalist Carmen Aristegui After She Is Taken Off the Air.

This video appeared on the Los Angeles Times website – click here.

Dec 2007 / Los Angeles Times: Mexicans on Ice

This video appeared on the Los Angeles Times blog

Dec 2007 / Los Angeles Times: Mexico Kneels to its Little Virgin

This video appeared on the Los Angeles Times blog

Radio work:

BBC - Radio Five Live - Pods and Blogs_1207014269401April 1st 2008 / BBC Radio Five Live, Pods and Blogs:

Podcast Notes: Emo’s attacked, Zimbabwe and AC Milan’s Tech.

Click here to listen to the podcast of the show, in which was interviewed about the persecution of Emos in Mexico. If you click on the link, an mp3 file will load.

Written work:

Mexico’s HIV positive orphans look to the future (La Plaza, Los Angeles Times, August 2008)

Mexico nightclub tragedy caused by inept police and an ignored youth, advocate says (La Plaza, Los Angeles Times blog, June 2008)

Caminata Nocturna, the Night Hike, shows what it’s like to cross the border illegally (Los Angeles Times, May 2008) (contributed as special correspondent, see video work above)

U.S issues travel alert for Mexico (Los Angeles Times, April 2008)

Absolut vodka ad stirs a US-Mexico Debate (, April 2008)

Mexico Reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that! (Los Angeles Times, La Plaza Blog, April 2008)

Seeking Peace with Las Tirbus (, March 2008)

Mexico: Impunity and Collusion (Index on Censorship, March 2008)

Violence censors journalists in Mexico (Press Gazette, Feb 2008)

Media Independence in Mexico (Press Gazette, Dec 2007)

Spreading the word across the Mexican border (Campaign Magazine, Nov 2007)

Still Waters Run Deep (CNN Traveler, Sep 2007)

Mexican youngsters wrestle with fame (BBC, Sep 2007)

Mexico is ‘out of control’ (Press Gazette, Sep 2007)

Missed opportunities (Guardian, Dec 2006)

Radio therapy proves a big hit scroll down (Guardian, Apr 2006)

In pictures: An Argentine slum through children’s eyes (BBC, Mar 2006)

Friend recalls Che Guevara trip (BBC, Jan 2006)

Life’s a pitch for agency players (Guardian, Jan 2005)

Inside Mexico (local English-language magazine)

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