Mexican public give their view on oil reform

"I decide".

A bitter debate on how to rescue Mexico’s troubled state-owned oil company went directly to the people on Sunday as capital residents voted on President Felipe Calderon’s plan to open some portions of Mexico’s nationalized petroleum industry to outsiders.

This video went with this Los Angeles Times report.

‘Colombia in the wrong,’ says Calderon.

President Felipe Calderon yesterday came out on the side of Ecuador in the ongoing dispute with Colombia, triggered at the weekend when Colombia ambushed and killed a Farc guerrilla leader and more than 17 other rebels on the Ecuadorian side of the border.

The Mexican President backed the Organisation of American States resolution that Colombia violated the territorial sovereignty of Ecuador in Saturday’s cross-border attack, according to today’s The News (no website available).

Speaking from Panama, Calderon also called for the two countires to stablise relations, and reiterated support for Colombia’s war on terrorism, drug trafficking and organised crime – the latter two of which are huge challenges currently being faced by Calderon in his own back yard.

According to today’s Los Angeles Times, Lucía Andrea Morett Álvarez, the Mexican girl injured in Saturday night’s attack, is not a guerrilla but a university student who was undertaking research for her thesis. But El Universal today maintains that Morrett Álvarez was one of the principal contacts between the Farc and support networks here in Mexico.

Mexican President wants to ease tension between Ecuador and Columbia

President Calderon of Mexico telephoned his counterparts in Ecuador and Columbia this week – Rafael Correa and Álvaro Uribe – to discuss the increasingly tense situation between the two countries since Columbia strayed onto Ecuadorean soil over the weekend and killed ‘the second-highest-ranking leader in Colombia’s largest leftist guerrilla group,’ the FARC and 16 other rebels.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has also weighed into the skirmish, and both he and Ecuador have moved troops to the borders between Venezuela and Columbia. Chavez referred to Columbia’s US-backed Government as the ‘new israel of Latin America,’ and both Venezuela and Ecuador have broken off diplomatic relations with Bogota. Continue reading