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Deborah Bonello, of, with RockyThere is good news and, well, good news here at which I wanted to tell you, my readers, for the sake of transparency.

Next week, I will be start in a new job as staff blogger, investigator and video journalist for the Los Angeles Times and their Latin America blog La Plaza here in Mexico City. After freelancing for the Mexico office for the last six months, they have created a new role for me in the foreign staff. I am both flattered and excited at the new challenge. Continue reading

Video: Making peace with los emos in Mexico City headed down to Insurgentes yesterday with the Los Angeles Times to cover a kind of peace rally organised by the leftist city government following the friction between emos and other youth groups, reported earlier this week.

The result was this blog post by correspondent Ken Ellingwood and myself featuring a video interview with 18-year-old Andrea Velazquez.

‘La Misma Luna’ splits critics

Fox Searchlight - Under the Same Moon - Official Site_1205966977021La Misma Luna, or Under the Same Moon, made its Mexico City debut last week to a full house. The movie, which is the first Latino-centric feature from Fox Searchlight, tells the story of the separation of mother and son against the backdrop of thorny issue of immigration between Mexico and the United States.

The film has divided critics – which can only be a good sign. Your humble correspondent found it an enjoyable film which, although pulls at the heartstrings a little too gratuitously in places, portrays well the strong relationship between mother and son and also brings to a mainstream flick the important and political issue of immigration between Latin America and the United States. Continue reading

Mexico, narco traffick and journalists

Browsing through my feeds this morning, I came across this story on the Los Angeles Times which documents well the experiences many journalists working in Mexico covering the drug trade experience.

Although studies have found that violence against journalists stems as much from Government officials as it does from narco-traffic, Hector’s piece really gives some insight into the reality for many in the profession.

Read the story here:

Mexicans On Ice

The Zocalo's ice-rink from on highAnother commission from the Los Angeles Times, this time their first video blog news item on the ice rink in the Zocalo, Mexico.

Click here to watch the movie.