Video: Las Mariachis celebrate International Women’s Day for

screengrab-mariachis.jpgTomorrow is international women’s day, so we went down to Plaza de Garibaldi to ask Mariachi Sonidos de America Feminil to sing a song for BBCMundo’s viewers across Latin America.

Please click here to watch the film.

Clementi, a builder by trade, waits for work in Mexico City’s Zocalo

Clementi, a builder by trade, touts for work on the Zocalo, Mexico City

Clementi is one of the many tradesmen to make his living from the edges of the Zocalo in Mexico City. A builder by trade, he awaits potential clients on the outside of the fence that rings the Cathedral.

People come to the square to contract builders, he explains. If they employ him, Clementi then contacts a group of men who work beneath him and they go to work at the client’s house.

Clementi is flanked by plumbers, electricians and other professionals who tout for work in this way because, they say, there are no steady jobs for them in their profession.

‘I’m too old now to work for the major companies,’ says Clementi.