Video: Making peace with los emos in Mexico City headed down to Insurgentes yesterday with the Los Angeles Times to cover a kind of peace rally organised by the leftist city government following the friction between emos and other youth groups, reported earlier this week.

The result was this blog post by correspondent Ken Ellingwood and myself featuring a video interview with 18-year-old Andrea Velazquez.

Video: Las Mariachis celebrate International Women’s Day for

screengrab-mariachis.jpgTomorrow is international women’s day, so we went down to Plaza de Garibaldi to ask Mariachi Sonidos de America Feminil to sing a song for BBCMundo’s viewers across Latin America.

Please click here to watch the film.

In male world of Mariachi, women sing their own tune

Mariachi Sonidos de America Feminil

In Plaza Garibaldi, female musicians muscle in on the men.

(This article appeared in The News, Mexico on Saturday November 17th. They’re yet to launch a website. See below for a video of the band singing)

Dusk falls on a regular Thursday night in Mexico City’s Plaza de Garibaldi and the capital’s multitude of mariachi prepare for another night’s work.

Amidst the overwhelmingly male musicians strutting around the neglected Plaza in their skin-tight charro outfits is Mariachi Sonidos de America Feminil – a female group of musicians daring to brave the macho tradition of the mariachi. Continue reading

Female Mariachi’s Croon in Mexican Plaza

Mariachi Sonidos de America Feminil are defying Mexican tradition. A female band of Mariachis, the group of women musicians are confronting the macho culture of the Mariachi to give it a feminine touch. The group plays every night of the weekend in Mexico’s Plaza de Garibaldi.

More to come from on the mariachis…..

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Punks Collect Downtown at El Chopo

El Tianguis Cultural del ChopoEl Chopo is a weekly fleamarket that has been going for 27 years in Mexico City. Punters can pick up anything from original Doc Marten boots to a copy of ‘London Calling’ by the Clash in the stalls that line the market streets. Click on the photo for more pictures.