Video: Making peace with los emos in Mexico City headed down to Insurgentes yesterday with the Los Angeles Times to cover a kind of peace rally organised by the leftist city government following the friction between emos and other youth groups, reported earlier this week.

The result was this blog post by correspondent Ken Ellingwood and myself featuring a video interview with 18-year-old Andrea Velazquez.


rwbReporters Without Borders is tomorrow inviting Internet users to come and protest in online versions of the nine countries that are “Internet enemies”.

Video: NAFTA Protestors Bring the Country to the City

Mexican Farmers Hit the Streets of Mexico City to Protest NAFTAYesterday hundreds of tractors and thousands of people from rural Mexico came to Mexico City to protest against the lifting of trade restrictions on agricultural commodities like corn, rice and oats. The farmers say lifting these restrictions will put them out of work, because they won’t be able to compete with powerful U.S. agri-businesses, and they’re pressuring Mexico’s government to renegotiate portions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States and Canada.

We were there, catching it on film for the Los Angeles Times. Click here for the action.

Video: Loss of news talk show dismays Mexicans

Los Angeles Times: Supporters of journalist Carmen Aristegui say the cancellation of her radio program poses a threat to the country’s move toward greater democracy.

Please click here for the Los Angeles Times news story and its complementing video, courtesy of Mexico