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About Us

MexicoReporter.com reports on culture, travel and society in Mexico, using multi-media. The site launched in July 2007, and since then has been featured as one of the top ten most innovative journalism sites on the internet by Press Gazette. MexicoReporter.com also appears on the Frontline Club network of blogs, a London-based club for foreign correspondents and journalists.

MR-Thumb-200x200Editor-in chief – Deborah Bonello

Deborah created MexicoReporter.com jointly with Mike Butcher (see below) in 2007. She is a multi-media journalist based in Mexico City. She works as a freelance blogger, investigator and video journalist for the Los Angeles Times Mexico City bureau, where she edits the La Plaza blog and writes and produces video packages for LATimes.com (please see Published Video page).

Prior to arriving in Mexico, she worked as a freelance journalist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and before that as a media trade journalist in the UK for ten years, writing for all of the UK’s media trade magazines as well as the Guardian and the FT.

You can reach Deborah on dbonello@gmail.com.

Producer – Ulises Escamilla Haro

Ulises is a native Mexican who has lived in Mexico City all his life. He works as a fixer and translator for MexicoReporter.com.

Founder, board director — Mike Butcher was one of the creators of MexicoReporter.com, and is now a board director.

Butcher is head of one of TechCrunch Europe.

The views and posts on this site do NOT, in any way, represent the opinion or view of the Los Angeles Times. They are the sole responsibility of Deborah Bonello.

14 Responses

  1. Continue the good work – it’s important that journalists work free from fear and independantly. Oh, and by the way do you have just two people in your team? All the best

  2. Just a suggestion: To get more users contributing, why not have a multi-lingual service? (Spanish and English). That way locals in Mexico can participate through their own language.

  3. Hi there Zazadersim,

    Yes we are just two people on the team. We are considering publishing in Spanish also – its really just a question of time and resources as we are currently unfunded.

    Thanks for your input.

  4. Hi, request permission to add you to my blogroll. 🙂

  5. Many years ago I was a journalist…at small-town radio stations in Iowa. It was about as different from todays scene as you can imagine…

  6. Hi Ken – thanks for your comment – can you elaborate a little? What do you feel has changed so much….?

  7. Hi again Mexico Reporter,

    Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

    Is it possible to get people to visit my website http://www.zazadersim.wordpress.com?

    All comments are welcome.

    All the best with your work.

  8. Hey Mexican Reporter – I am a filmmaker, photographer in Canada – and want to do a doc film on the all women’s mariachi band, Mariachi Sonidos de America Feminil – wondering if you had contact info. Thanks

  9. Hi, I´m mexican. Your site is wonderful. Naci en la Ciudad de Mexico y el trabajo que realizas es decosroso y en extremo bueno. Gracias por tu esfuerzo. Congratulations.

  10. Thanks for adding me as a link from your blog. I´m following your and other projects like this with interest while I´m on the road in Latin America as well. Keep up the good work. Adam

  11. […] Estimada Deborah: […]

  12. Dee,

    I am continually impressed and inspired by your work and your website. As I continue to dabble in website design and the Internet through my job, I am more and more awestruck by the high-quality of your work and of your entrepreneurial spirit.

  13. As a former Haymarket journalist also, it always warms the cockles to see people’s careers take off. An excellent website even with the limitations of wordpress templates. Time to leave blogger.com methinks.

  14. It’s good to see Latinos using multimedia/social media to report to readers. I’m fairly new to this world but have always enjoyed it (if that makes sense). I studies journalism in Philadelphia, PA then moved on to work with a local non-profit Latino organization. Now I work for the Philadelphia Tourism office. In a nut shell I work on local media relations, the Latino market and social media.

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